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Pink Flower Love

Would you...?

Tags: love; words

I designed this chair, let me know what you think! 

There's also a video here of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdssj4e98KY


P.S.: Hope you like it though...  :)

Monochromatic - Coral

The 2nd post in the 'Monochromatic' series has finally arrived. And it's called: Coral. :) Although you can see some touch of colors here and there - I tried to show how beautiful can be a monochromatic scheme. 

Why coral? Well, I am kindda got hanged onto it for quite some time now... and today I learnt that it means something! Actually, it means a LOT! What does exactly, hmm... I think I have to listen to my heart to understand it!

P.S.: Rely on your intuition and if you feel like wearing coral... go for it! You don't get that feeling by coincidence. X


Images via: Kika Reichert; Kitschy Living; Design Sponge; Gilt; Green Wedding Shoes; Plum Pretty Sugar; Anthropologie; Yarn at Websters; The simply Luxurious Life; Etsy; Pinterest;


Wedding Obsession

We are working on a wedding styling and what can I say... I am obsessed with these things... There are so many incredible stuff: themes, decoration, dresses, colors, food, flowers, ruffles, laces... ...and lots of looooooooove :)

P.S.: Go! Get married! Immediately! :) And send me some pictures! X


Images via: Blushing Bride Wedding; Green Wedding Shoes; Wild Flower Photos; Midnights Happiness; Callahan Photo;  
Tags: love; words