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Pink Flower Love

Sure! ...at least for me it is. :) It's a new year, but my love for pink is still on. Probably for eternity.

A pink knitted suit for your camera? Anybody? I know, I want one!

Or this beautiful pink flower (love) tattoo? I want that too!

And the pink stairs? ...unfortunately I don't have stairs :(

And pink phone? Or pink books? And the pink ranunculus bouque?

All. I want it ALL! :) 


It's so great to start the year with all these beauties! And the fact that we are surrounding with all of these, we just have to find the moments to notice them.

P.S.: And my first new year small advise for you is: 'Don't forget to smile' ...even if you have nothing to smile about... Just smile! :)


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Merry Xmas!

I wish You all a Merry Christmas with lots of love, pink and flowers!




Xmas Skating

Let's put on our skates and go out to glide... :) It is such great fun and perfect figure-shaping ourselves a bit. And if you don't have time just now to do it (I know it is Xmas and all, there's a lot to organize), you can always use your skate (the older the better) to decorate your house.

P.S.: I can't think of better winter date program than going together to skate... and to fall in love... XX


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Winter snow

I remember all those beautiful white days and night I was lucky enough to experience when I lived in Finland. It is just incomparable! Although I love the one week each year ski-resort snow, it is never the same as it was in Helsinki. 

My first Christmas there, there was 60cm fresh snow on Xmas Eve. We walked to our friends' home with a slade, but it was not easy in all that deep snow. Sure, I'll never forget!

Unfortunately, here in Budapest you just wait for the snow... for long and long, and it might be never come. ...But sometimes...., when you least expect it.... you wake up one morning, look out the window... and everything is covered with sugarwhite snow. :) So beautiful... :) ...can't wait! 

And until that morning, we still have these magical photos to dream about.

I really wanna get married!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least wear this dress! In the snow! :)

P.S.: Definitely the best 'snow-experience' is kissing in the snow, right after you made a pair of Snow-Angels in the snow. XX


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Xmas Ornaments

It is really the last minute to think about it, but may there's enough time to look for the perfect Christmas ornaments for this year's Xmas tree. Personaly, I love the pink vintage, glass balls, they are so romantic and each and one of them has a story to tell. 

...although the natural ones are great too! ...and the white lace-kinds as well. And the knitted, wool balls! They are just so adorable! :) And super-easy to make them!

P.S.: ...I'll have a blue Christmas without you... my beautiful, pink ornaments... :( :) XX


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