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Pink Flower Love

Quote of the day

I would add one more

- Listen to your heart! Somehow it's always the best thing to do.


Image via: Sandy Lee Style
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Last, but not least. This month's flower is Zinnia - a true summer cutie :)

I love the mix&match summer bouquet of them. They are very fresh and quirky, but most of all so retro! I remember the days, when we spent our summer at my grandmother's. Her garden was full with Zinnias and many more of summer flowers. Such wonderful times... will be never forgotten.

P.S.: Even if today is the last day of August, it is not too late to have a nice Zinnia bouquet on your dining table.


Image via: Burpee
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Nude Awakenings

Seasons change, summer is coming to its end, we change our bright clothes to darkers, flowers to candles, light linen sheets to knitted blankets. We had a great load of neon fever along the summer or even in spring, now it is time for nudes and naturals. 

A couple of years ago, I would never thought that I will ever be so obsessed with beige and other nude tones as I am right now. I was positive that beige is no color, in fact whoever wears beige is most certainly boring and has no imagination at all. Well, that was then. :) I really start to belive that we do change with time. They say that our cells exchange completely in every seventh year. So, basicaly we reborn as a new person several times in our life. Probably that is the reason of my change of perspective on nude colors. 

I just hope you are in your 'currently loving nudes phase of life' right now. :)

P.S.: Bubble Bath nail polish from Opi is the perfect nude to die for. And to try of course! ...I'm doing it tonight XX


Images via: Mac Cosmetics; Etsy; Diet Coke and Smoke; Post and Grant; Urban Outfitters; Wegner Wishbone; Zsazsa Bellagio; Ferm Living; Margo Meyer; Hermann Fosterling; Noir et Blanc un Style; Kristie Van Noort; La Maison d'Anna G; En Mammas Dag; Red Online; Baubau House

I heard yesterday the first time this version of this beautiful song: 


The Vitamin String Quartet version of 'We Belong'. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (still do).

P.S.: and if this wasn't enough, watch this. 'XOXO, GG'


Images via: Pinterest; Original images: Gossip Girl


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Hippie nesting

As the final post on being hippie, let's talk about interior design. It is a bit trickier than playing with hippie hair and accessories. For this, you have to have a certain eye. It doesn't make a home a bohemian hippie nest if only you mix all possible colors, styles and looks together. To achieve a cool hippie look, you have to stay in the bohemian, colorful, natural, a bit ethnic side of decoration. 


But what exactly does take to have the perfect bohemian nest? There are some essentials of course.

To name the most importants, here is a list:

1. Use bold colors and patterned fabrics, mainly floral and indie ones. 

2. Keep evetything natural. Do not have shiny or metallic things in the interior. Don't tent to achieve perfectly polished furnitures and flawless surfaces. Your wall for example would look the best if it is a bit destroyed and vintage looking.

3. Create personal collages and collect items, furnitures from everywhere you go. By that evey piece will have a story to tell and your home will be full with happy memories and joyfull energies.

4. Let your inner child live its free life. Do have swings or floating beds, anything that gives you careless freedom.

5. Have a lot of fabrics, curtains, fringes, like the indian had when they were living in their tents. It is so romantic and have a certain nomadic touch that brings us to a free state of mind.

6. Bring nature inside. Have birdcages, bird houses or even real birds in the house, wooden decorations, fresh flowers, potted greens and a lot of sunshine. Like this, happiness is guaranteed. 

P.S.: To start your hippie interior design mission, you can create a bohemian/vintage/shabby chic photo collage to the wall from old (and new, but definitely lomographic) pictures. It makes any home 'homy' and warm.


Images via: The Yellow Door Paperie; Too Cute Things; Free People; Rachel Ashwell; BHG; Bohemian Shoebox; Marie Claire Idees; Simply Precious; The Decorista; Bohemian Wornest; Boho Circus; Confetti Garden; Gretchen Jones NYC; Gypsy Purple; Pinterest; Vintage Bliss
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