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Pink Flower Love

Hippie accessories

Similarly to hippie hairstyles, wearing bohemian accessories to complement your outfit is also an easy thing to do. Collect everything you like: bracelets, leather straps, pearls, beans, feathers, stripes, anything really... 

Start to combine them, make braids, fringes and crocheted patterns. Since being a hippie means you are absolutely free and only care about the most important things like love and peace and finding happiness, Hippie accessorizing is all about creativity and freedom. Don't be affraid to combine materials, patterns, colors as you like. You cannot do it wrong! :) It is so much fun, isn't it? 

P.S.: If your guy is up for it, try to add some flowers to his outfit! It's fun the see how man is your man with a feminine touch. :)


Images via: Etsy; Bloom Magazine; Bohemian Punk; Buffalo Girl Byron Bay; That Bohemian Girl; A Beachy Life; Free People; F* Yeah Hippie; ViSualizeUs; We Heart It; Pinterest; P.S. I Made This; Spells Design;


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Hippie hairdos

As I promissed - here are some inspirational photos to have a hair like a real hippie did in the 70's. Choose your favorite and don't be affraid to try any of them. They are really easy to create! And the good part is that you cannot wrong them. The messier the better! :) Just have fun, put your love into it and wear it with happiness!

P.S.: Tomorrow more feathers for you :)


Images via: Bohemian Hair; Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams; Bridal Snob; Enchanted Fairytale Dreams; Fashionising; Tan Gypsy; Pinterest; Google
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Hippie clothes

Still in a hippie mood and obsessed everything around hippies, love and festival fever. Although I was planning to write some hippie themed posts last week, I decided to better later than never, so I'm gonna rush through them this weekend. So, here is volume #2 - hippie fashion. Hope you like it!

P.S.: Stay tunned for the rest of the hippies :) XX


Images via: Bohemian Tides; The Bean and the Bear; The Bohemian Girl; Olivia Vansky; An Apple A Day, Free People; Inspire Bohemia; Bohamian Romance; Pink Gypsy; Marie Claire; Pinterest; WeHeartIt
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Hippie mood

This week is all about festival, hippies, music, flowers... and everything around those... I wish I could travel back in time and live in the late 60's. I would be in Woodstock or in San Francisco and just be free.

It's now just the clothes and the hair that I envy... although I would die for these kind of dresses and shoes, but their freedom of love, life, spirit that I would love to feel sometimes (most of the times). I wish I could be that free and careless, and just enjoy even the smallest things in life.

P.S.: I'm off to Sziget Festival just now. Try to get that free and happy spirit... XX

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Happy moments of floral beauty... and an icy floral drink for cooling down.

P.S.: Buy, drink, smell, give some flower today to make your heart happy! X, B

Images via: Pinterest; Another Mag; Captivated by Image; Garden World Images; Red Bubble; The Colors of My Mind;



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