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Pink Flower Love

Hippie Chic

Since the 1970's we had a few 'hippie - fever', so we might think that - it's done. But the thing is that a true hippie soul will never die, no matter what are the trends, what happening in the world, who was once a hippie, will always be a hippie in some level.

I know. I am one of them. :) ...and again the hippie soul inside of me is singing to me...

Images via: Topshop; Kling; Etsy; Lune Vintage; Free People; Jimmy Schönning, Flickr; Riazzoli

Listen how does it sing to me:

Scott McKenzie - San Francisco

Hook Me Up

If you don't know where to put your coat... Try to fix anything that you find at home onto the wall and that's it. You have a perfectly unique and at the same time functioning hanger.

I personally love the flower knob :)

P.S.: You can't ignore the wall paint either, huh?! Such a fantastic color!


Images via: European Chic, Crazy Domestic, Ramme Alvor, Maria Vettese, Flickr
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For my dear friend Veronica, who thinks life is just simply 'Perfect' as it is, and we should enjoy every small bite of it. 

I couldn't agree more! :)


Images: At First Blush, This is Glamorous, Katie Armour, Flickr
Tags: pink; enjoy

Music for the week

I saw her once live in Milan... ...I can still feel her voice in my skin. It is so unique that you can never erase from your mind the sound of it.

There is only One and Only Malika Ayane. I took her with me forever (as a souvenir from Italy) :)




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Because there is so much beauty in them...

Images: Portre Photos; Loo, Boos and Shoes; Flickr