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Pink Flower Love

Lace Grace

Yesterday, I've met with two fantastic girls... and they told me - if you want to write about a certain theme, don't care about anything or anybody,  just do it! I took their advice...

So, this is my version on the beautiful fabric - lace. Hope you like it! X


Source: Bhg, BHLDN, Brown Dress With White Dots, Coup De Cat, Electric Raspberry, Etsy, Free People, Oh Hello Friend, Wedding And Cakes, We Heart It
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Let's go away for the weekend! And let's make the most out of it! I know, I will. :)


Images via: Flickr, Free People, The Style Files, We Heart It

Accessori Fiorini

I realized that I own 'a couple of' gigantic rings. I also realize that I don't have too much necklaces that I could wear (of course it's not true, but I had to say sthing)... So, I did a necklace from (some of) my beautiful rings! :)

Of course I couldn't leave out my flower pins either! They make the whole picture complete anyway. :) Hope you like them too! X


Tags: fashion; flower

Color Happiness

Strong colors make us happier. So, I enclosed some source of happiness to everybody.  ;)

Try this at home: put for example a pillow with a very strong color (and some flower pattern) onto the sofa, and you will see how good you'll feel yourself every time you look at it.

Plus it gives a very nice character to the other furniture and to the interior in general. 


So... Imagine... and Dream...  to Achieve... and to Become!

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