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Pink Flower Love

Music for the week

One of the most beautiful voice ever - Anneke van Giersbergen...

no more words... Just listen!


Tags: love; listen

Wallpapering mood

This week... and also weekend(!) we are wallpapering. Literally everything!

The best thing with these beautiful wallpapers that you can mix&match however you want. You cannot make mistakes, since it looks good even when it actually doesn't. :)

Let me know if you like them!

Love the hair color with the wallpaper!

The pink flowers appear because of the heat. So cool!

Blue and Yellow

Slowly by slowly I am revealing the photos that were taken during the 50th Salone del Mobile in Milano 2011 April :) 

For sure blue and yellow ruled the color palette this year... and hopefuly soon our home as well. 

They've even painted the metal structure of the booth blue and yellow! :)

To tell you a secret - I'm painting EVERYTHING blue and yellow nowadays! 

Tags: home decor

Ruffle away

There is nothing more feminine than wearing ruffles. ...as much as possible! :) Specially in these beautiful powder colors. 

So, just 'ruffle away'! XX

Music for the week

This is the time...


...all the world is waiting for you to shine...

Tags: love; listen