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Pink Flower Love

You decide

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Weekly fave's

I am a huge fan of online shopping, so of course I made some cool purcases this week also.

1. Scotch and Soda leather jacket

2. Marimekko for Converse shoes :) I was searching for this pair since February. Although Marimekko is a Finnish brand, it is not easy to buy something that is available mostly, only in the US :( ...if you are not based in the US

3. Vintage armchairs* #1-2

4. Vintage armchairs* #3-4

*wait until these re-born in their new life!

I wish you all Happy Easter with these not-so-Eastery, but definitely beautiful pictures! :)


...I'll marry you!

...just to wear this Christian Dior dress! :)

Although the it has finished last week, I am still in the 'Salone mood':) ... feel inspired, filled up, energized and alive. If I could share this feeling with everybody... 

Here are some beautiful inspiring carpets from the Salone 2011.

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