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Pink Flower Love

Music for the week


'It seems that happiness is within reach,

So we reach out our hand and find ourselves crazy...'



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Day -1 at Salone

On the -1 day of Salone del Mobile everything is still quiet and calm, but somehow you can feel that something is up in the air. :)

I took a quick stroll all over the 'centro di Milano' and although I didn't have my camera with me, I made some photos with my phone. 

Ciao Milano

In 2 hours I'm off to Milan for the fantastic Salone del Mobile - 2011 Design Week/ Festival/ Crazyness...

Every day I report the best of that day, so you can also be a part of this great event. Stay tuned and wait for all the beauties! :)

Until I arrive, here are some photos from the previous years (and 1 that is completely new).


Color of the year 2011 - Honeysuckle: 18-2120 TPX

There's no more questions why I love more my pinks this year than usual. :)

Other beautiful colors to wear, use, see, paint or just simply love:

And some interior inspirations to get into the Honeysuckle mood...

Love Lives



Fantastic folk/jazz band from Canada - the latest project of Daniel Lanois a legendary guitarist and composer. Just fantastic!

Black Dub - Love Lives

Tags: love; listen