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Pink Flower Love

Sometimes, that's all we need...


Images via: Flickr; Genlemint; This isn't Happiness; Hey Amber Rae; Pinterest
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Here we are - another month passed by. I don't even realized it that it is already the middle of July. Which is the perfect time to take a moment and cherrish the beautiful Hydrangea. Another of my so-so favorite flowers. (well, it would be hard to find any flowers that I don't like) :)

Some thinks Hydrangea symbolizes heartfelt emotions. Others that it can be used to represent gratitude for being understood. But it's certain to everybody that Hydrangea is the perfect flower to show comitment and graceful, enduring love on the 4th wedding aniversary.

P.S.: I just remembered that I have to water my very own Hydrangea outside my front door. XX


Image via: Tiny White Daisies
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Current faves

A brief visualisation of my current obsessions and desired things. These things are just amazing. And yes, almost most of them is from Free People. I just love this! Everything about it! Hope you like it too! XX

P.S.: I definitely learning how to crotch a footsie for myself.


Images via: Free People; Swedish Hasbeens; Zara
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Something new from Norah Jones, yet a bit oldie, 'cause it sounds so 69's Woodstock. Probably that's the reason why I love it! The Little Broken Heart album definitely has a unusual tone from Norah. 




Have a great weekend! XX

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Endless Summer

With some changes in my life, a visit of my friend, the finishing of a cool interior project, a weekend getaway and some seriously hot weather,  I am now more than ready to enjoy summer and all what it has to offer.

I realized that today is 4th of July, so it is absolutely the perfect timing for this post. Already yesterday, I felt the urge to watch this cute movie about love, friendship, summer, 4th of July and New York City. With that and some beautiful images and quotes I wish you Happy 4th of July and a great summer yet to come! 

Feel the sand in your shoes...

Wear some flower (in your hair)...

Do what you want...

...and do 'wake up (early and start to) live'!

P.S.: That is all you have to do. XX


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