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Pink Flower Love

Quote for today


'We need to forget what we think we are, so that we can really become what we are.'


P.S.: My sister today started to walk along the 'El Camino' in Spain... I hope she finds what she's looking for... This quote is for her. XX


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I've been...

...in Milan last week. :)

Of course it wasn't all about the flowers :) I visited the annual design exhibition/festival/fair - fenomenon. As always, it was so inspiring and fulfilling that I am still digesting all. This is a compilation about the latest colors of the design sector: coral, coral, coral and I almost forget: coral. Also light (vintage) blues and yellow in bold as well as in pastel version. I couldn't get enough of all those beautiful hues and tones! 

Despite colors there were great surfaces, finishings, carpet-like installations. These are absolutely my favorites.

And if a designer cannot decide which Pantone color to choose... there is always the option of choosing ALL of them! :) I just Loooooove it!

P.S.: ...more to come! :) XX

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Pink Hair Love

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of all things pink - but what about pink hair? More and more style icons have been spotted sporting candy-coloured hair - but would you take the leap?

Who hasn't wondered what it might be like to have bright pink hair at some point or other? With pale pink tresses set to be one of the biggest trends this coming season, now could be the perfect time to visit a salon site, such as RushHair.co.uk and book yourself that appointment. After all, with pastel shades set to dominate the high street this season, you're sure to find yourself with a wardrobe filled with clothes which will look great worn with your new 'do. Pastel pink hair is also a great way to make sure you stand out from the crowd, whatever you happen to be wearing.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that pink hair might be more difficult to achieve than you imagine. If you already have blonde or light coloured locks, then you may find that you able to achieve the shade of blonde which desire a little more easily. However, darker hair will usually need to be bleached first, which can be more time-consuming, and cause more damage to your hair. It also important to remember that having such pale pink hair will mean that your hair required a great deal of upkeep. Indeed, pink hair might be very much on trend, but it is not a decision which should be taken too lightly.

If you're looking for another option, then dip-dye tresses might well be the perfect solution. Instead of going for all-over pink, why not simply have the ends dyed in a dip-dyed style - another popular look this season. Merging two trends in one, this is an easy way to create a fashion-forward pink look, without doing too much damage to your hair.

P.S.: When you're done with being pink, simply have the coloured ends cut off, and go back to your original look! :) But don't be affraid, try it! You'll always regret it if you don't. :) XX


Images via: Fashion Gone Rouge; A French in Los Angeles; Edie and Andy; The Glitter Guide; The Coveted Muse; Fat Friend No More; Street Chic Philosopy; Pinterest; Flickr; WeHeartIt

My latest obsession is the debut album of the beautiful Sucré - A Minor Bird. It is so Indie, so girlie and soooo crystal clear voice. Amazing! :) Probably the final outcome has to do something with the fact that Mr. Jeremy Larson (the hubby of Elsie Larson) was one of the main collaborators of this album. He is great! (but it is a way other story) :)


I hope you like this great new album! Here is the song 'When we were young' of it:



P.S.: Definitely a must-to-have album! XX


Images via: Sucré Diary
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This weekend is for me, myself and my inner strength. XX


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