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Pink Flower Love

Yesterday I was lucky to see Rita Redshoes live performance. She has such a unique style - curky, but feminine, rocker and chic. It was so 1940's :) her clothes, her hair, her voice.  Amazing! :) I hope you like her too!


Rita Redshoes - The Beginning Song



Image via: Rita Redshoes Official Site


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Denim Love

For me denim is something that is never-out-of my sight. It was and I'm sure, will be always an important part of my life, since I spent 8 years working for denim companies. I wear them, I designed them and I guess will love them for a long long time... :)

And to show you how diversal this fabric is, I created this post of some common and not-so-common use of it. *the wedding gown is for You Katya! :)


P.S.: As a first step towards loving denim - buy a good pair of jeans! :) This spring I suggest go for the ones with flare legs! XX


Images via: Free People; Little Blue Deer; My Sweet and Saucy; Style spotting; The Design Files;  A Well-travelled Woman; Nylon Magazine; Scotch & Soda; Houzz; Maiwa Handprints; Convoy; Pinterest


Today, we celebrate us - women. Because we are beautiful in so many ways. Believe me! :)


And this is for You:


Images via: WeHeartIt; Pinterest; Divas and Dreams; Dust and Jacket Addict;

Although I don't like the idea of closing a bird in a birdcage, I love birdcages! The look of them, the shape, the message they carry... It is old, it is romantic, somehow feminine and full of meaning.

Nowadays we don't use birdcages for what people used them before. To keep a beautiful bird there and admire her colors and singing voice. We have birdcages to decorate. Our home, us, even we use them for street art installation. However you use it, it is always special for any circumstances and situations. Don't be affraid to pick yours! :)

P.S.: I just realized that I need to have a birdcage earring immediately!!! :) XX


Images via: TonyZhou; Bruna Kaercher; I Feel Them Alice; Miss Selfridge; My Most Beautiful Beck; Nicole Basa; The Other Alice; Kara Karma; Shannon Eileen; Pinterest; VisualizeUs

Bridal tattoos

It may sound and seem surreal, but somehow I love it. It is so unusually beautiful to see a bride with a lot of tattoos. The masculine tattoos somehow emphasize the femininity of a bride. Tattooed brides are definitely unique and cool. I would love to be one of them! :)

The perfect tattoo to show your 'love' on your wedding day:

P.S.: If you have a tattoo that you love, never hide it on your big day, but rather show it to the world. XX


Images via: 100 Layer Cake; Green Wedding Shoes; We Heart It; Love At First Blush; My Wedding Dream


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