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Hi! My name is Boglarka Toth, welcome to my blog - 'Pink Flower Love'. I'm really happy that we've met, please feel free to look around  in my world.

I've created this blog to have a place where I can share all the beautiful things that inspire me each and every day. As a fashion-, lately interior designer, I am in a never-ending search for beauty... basically in everything - furnitures, clothes, words, flowers, the 1920's, colors, family, friends, cheap jewelry, new places, vintage bags, cultures, cupcakes, wallpapers, dogs, rock music, live concerts, old movies,... ...and...LOVE... (This is actually a very long list that just keeps growing with time, since I constantly find things I can be completely passionate about.) :) 

After spending several years away from my home - I lived, studied and worked  in Helsinki (Finland), then in Milan (Italy) - now I reside in the beautiful and historical Budapest (Hungary). I've recently set up my own design studio in the heart of Budapest, it's called: Boglarkavera.

Besides writing this blog and 'beauty-hunting', in the studio I design objects, furniture, clothes, many accessories for fashion and for home decor, different patterns for textiles or wallpapers, ...and a lot of other things that I don't want to list here to bore you. Additionally, there are several interior projects that I do for public and private clients as well.

I'll often blog about my new designs and re-modelled vintage founds. Yes, that's another passion I have - hunting for vintage pieces and re-new them. Usually, I re-design them a bit, give them a 'face-lift', a new 'soul'.. so, basically I reincarnate them. It is again, something I can't get enough! :)

And if I still have time on my hand to spare (actually this is quite in priority comparing to other things), I have a beautiful, but rather challenging :) Beagle dog - Lujzi (she is sleeping on the top of me, while I'm writing this) who needs quite a lot of carrying attention and walking outside. 

...I left this to the end on purpose (probably he wouldn't even approve, but I tell anyways)... I share all of 'IT' with Him. 

Soooo, once again -  Welcome to my blog! :)  I hope you find something to take it with you...