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Day -1 at Salone

On the -1 day of Salone del Mobile everything is still quiet and calm, but somehow you can feel that something is up in the air. :)

I took a quick stroll all over the 'centro di Milano' and although I didn't have my camera with me, I made some photos with my phone. 

Ciao Milano

In 2 hours I'm off to Milan for the fantastic Salone del Mobile - 2011 Design Week/ Festival/ Crazyness...

Every day I report the best of that day, so you can also be a part of this great event. Stay tuned and wait for all the beauties! :)

Until I arrive, here are some photos from the previous years (and 1 that is completely new).


Color of the year 2011 - Honeysuckle: 18-2120 TPX

There's no more questions why I love more my pinks this year than usual. :)

Other beautiful colors to wear, use, see, paint or just simply love:

And some interior inspirations to get into the Honeysuckle mood...

Love Lives



Fantastic folk/jazz band from Canada - the latest project of Daniel Lanois a legendary guitarist and composer. Just fantastic!

Black Dub - Love Lives

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Knit treasures

Although the cold winter nights are over - at least for a while - I still love these:


It's time...

Recently bought some beutiful vintage styled dresses at Kling and they came with a note:

'Follow those things that you truly believe in. Those things that have this incredible power to drive your self beyond where you always thought. It's time to walk ahead and reach this that you always had in your head.

It's time to go, it's time to find your own star.'



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More Madrid

I made some photos during our long Madrid weekend... I thought these pictures I share with you. My personal favorite is there somewhere... :) 


Last week we went for a long weekend to Madrid. And I really liked these old painted ceramic tiles on the outside walls of some traditional 'Madronos cervercerias' (Spanish pubs).