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Hook Me Up

If you don't know where to put your coat... Try to fix anything that you find at home onto the wall and that's it. You have a perfectly unique and at the same time functioning hanger.

I personally love the flower knob :)

P.S.: You can't ignore the wall paint either, huh?! Such a fantastic color!


Images via: European Chic, Crazy Domestic, Ramme Alvor, Maria Vettese, Flickr
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For my dear friend Veronica, who thinks life is just simply 'Perfect' as it is, and we should enjoy every small bite of it. 

I couldn't agree more! :)


Images: At First Blush, This is Glamorous, Katie Armour, Flickr
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Music for the week

I saw her once live in Milan... ...I can still feel her voice in my skin. It is so unique that you can never erase from your mind the sound of it.

There is only One and Only Malika Ayane. I took her with me forever (as a souvenir from Italy) :)




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Because there is so much beauty in them...

Images: Portre Photos; Loo, Boos and Shoes; Flickr

Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity to write a guest post for Daydream Lily - one of my favorite blog that is run by Liss from Australia.

You can read the entire article here: Daydream Lily - Wallpaper Dreaming 

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Lace Grace

Yesterday, I've met with two fantastic girls... and they told me - if you want to write about a certain theme, don't care about anything or anybody,  just do it! I took their advice...

So, this is my version on the beautiful fabric - lace. Hope you like it! X


Source: Bhg, BHLDN, Brown Dress With White Dots, Coup De Cat, Electric Raspberry, Etsy, Free People, Oh Hello Friend, Wedding And Cakes, We Heart It
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Let's go away for the weekend! And let's make the most out of it! I know, I will. :)


Images via: Flickr, Free People, The Style Files, We Heart It

Accessori Fiorini

I realized that I own 'a couple of' gigantic rings. I also realize that I don't have too much necklaces that I could wear (of course it's not true, but I had to say sthing)... So, I did a necklace from (some of) my beautiful rings! :)

Of course I couldn't leave out my flower pins either! They make the whole picture complete anyway. :) Hope you like them too! X


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Color Happiness

Strong colors make us happier. So, I enclosed some source of happiness to everybody.  ;)

Try this at home: put for example a pillow with a very strong color (and some flower pattern) onto the sofa, and you will see how good you'll feel yourself every time you look at it.

Plus it gives a very nice character to the other furniture and to the interior in general. 


So... Imagine... and Dream...  to Achieve... and to Become!

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