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Music for the week

"Sometimes I wanna change everything I've ever done...

I'm too tired to fight and yet too scared to run."




Keane, K'NAAN - Stop for a minute


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Meet Fiona Douglas

A Scottish designer who creates beautiful handmade printed fabrics for home decoration under her own brand - BluebellGray

Influenced by a love of colour and all things floral, the designs are something unique and special, each design is painted by hand. 

I love her designs, they are full with energy, life and yet they are sooooo girlie! :)  You have to be brave to use these kind of prints in an interior. 

As Fiona says ‘it’s ok when things don’t match, if you love it- go with it!’ The designs are aimed at people looking for something unique and individual for their home, an antidote to mass production. Definitely not for everybody. But for sure, who ever has them, can't live without them anymore!

I hope the fabrics will be available soon in our studio. :)


Images via: BlueBellGray; Elle Decoration


As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I've met with some great people from our 'little' blog community. :) We became friends, and from the first meeting we are thinking of doing something together. Since they run the great blog - Klassdsign - that we adooooore - and in many cases they touch the same topic as me (by pure coincidence), we decided to do it on purpose.

Every week we will both have one post on a certain theme - that we will decide always in the previous week. We'll create blog posts around the chosen topic, and we will post them and of course link them 'Together' on a given day.

It will be so much fun to see the different interpretation of the same theme. :) Can't wait!!!

The purpose of this so called collaboration is that we want to connect with each other, help each other, promote each other, but more importantly we want to inspire and share beautiful things with each other... and of course with You! 


Because we believe that 'together we can do more'.

There is a beautiful quote on friendship from a famous Hungarian writer - Mr. Sándor Márai. Let us share it with you! (I tried to translate it to English for you):


What is there between people?' ...How many relationships lie there? People consider 4 or 5 concepts in their life, there is friendship, love, sympathy, trust... And there is also something that has no name. A relationship that is more secret and less incomprehensible..."


The first 'Together Post" will be online next week, around Thursday. Stay tuned!


Images via: New Friends; Pinterest; Lilla Lotta; Flickr

Image via: Heart of April

...when we are outside all night long. We organize open-air dinners, barbecues, birhday parties, weddings, basically we (try to) do everything outside. We love to feel the sun, the wind, see the sunset or the sunrise, dine under the stars... Why? There is no explanation, it is just how it is. And it is perfect like this.

And of course designing the table settings of these open-air events is so much fun! The only rule is that there are NO rules when it comes to styling. The more creative you are the better! 

This is how we (would) do it: Hope you like them! XX

Have a beautiful 'open-air' weekend! :)


Images via: 100 Layers Cake; Design by Delight; Kelly Oshiro; The Style Files; Stylish Correspondence; Pinterest

Stilblog interview




The interview in Hungarian. Sorry! But it is worth to look at the pictures as well, ...and of course to check our Stilblog!

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Weekly fave's

1. Summer nails

2. Boheme summer layers

3. A pair of shoes to go with the dress ...or just to HAVE it! :)

4. Speaking of flowers... Let there be Flowers! Everywhere!

5. Love the hair color! (suprise suprise) :)

6. and this oversized pair of earrings

7. With neutral chairs like these ones, you can do anything! I mean if it comes to colors!!! What I would suggest is: throw some yellow, pink or turquise cushions on them, or to achieve a softer look: a nice pastel coral or powder pink can work too.

8. I have min. 5 summer hats. And yet, somehow I always forget to wear them.



Images via: Muse; Design Shimmer; Etsy; Canadian Maritime Love Award; Owlita Feather Earrings; PinterestVeronicas