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As summer is peaking nowadays, it is natural that everybody dreams about sunbathing at the beach, taking a nice walk in the powder sand during sunset... 

...well almost everybody... :) My dream is a bit different. I wish I could take the sandy beach to my home. Would looooooove to walk barefoot all day long in the cold sand in my living room. :)

P.S.: Next time you have sand under your feet... don't forget to write some beautiful words in it! 


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Today's Favorites

After my last week 'New York fever' passed, (very slowly) :) ...here are some of my favorites of today.


Images via: Erin Ever After; Flickr; In The Night Sky; The Sylish House; We Heart It

New York - Art Deco

Best of New York... definitely - Art Deco

An era in architecture and interior design that you cannot pass by without falling in love with it! ...at least this is how it happened with me. :)

NY, wait up, because for sure I'll be back! XX


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Since last week I was way too occupied with New York, :) we decided to skip our common post with KlassDSign. So it also means that two weeks passed. :)

Today, our post is all about swings. How can this mystical and fairytale item move into our homes... how can we use them as armchairs, beds or even as tables. Swinging in a swing :) can put us back to our childhood, gives as the feeling of being in a fairytale, flying, freedom and courage.

I'd love to have a beautiful swing in our studio, but unfortunately our ceiling is not strong enough to support any. But of course I didn't give up yet, I WILL have a swing soon! :) 

In the meantime, I can swing away in my heart, in my dreams... and in the playground, when noone is watching. :) ...and sometimes even then! :)


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New York people

People of New York are so diverse... so as everything. There are men, women, girls, boys from everywhere of the world. They are different age, skin color, hair color, culture, etc... 

But one thing for sure they have in common - all loves New York City. :) ...I am thankful that I could've been one of them even for a week!


New York food

If you are hungry in New York, or you cannot find any good food... something is really wrong with you! I am sure that there is no such place where you can find so many GOOD food! ...Everywhere! :)

Here are (some of) our favorites: I know... these are not food, but...! Let's start with the drinks...

...and there are all those beautiful cupcakes :)

Ice-cream! ...of course from the street.

The never-enough coffee. In every possible form: hot, iced, blended, skinny, soya... 

Fresh fruits, that we couldn't resist :)

And something especially special for me:

Of course there were a lot of steak, burgers, sushi and guacuamole sauce as well. (I think I ate the best guacamole sauce of my life.) But we were too busy eating them, rather than making photos. :)

I know we couldn't try all what is there to enjoy, I missed out for example the famous crabcake... well, one more reason to back again! ;)

New York colors

These are the colors...



Listen how New York sings...

Moon River - Breakfast at Tiffany's



Image via: Cinema Voyage

New York words

I dedicate this week to New York City and to all that it's given to me last week...