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Winter Fashion Joy

I pinned all of my favorite fashion looks and items of this cold winter season. It turned out that I'm in love with furs. Real or fake, short or long, you name it. I find them super-feminine, hippie, fun and timeless. Any fur coat can be worn from any era it is always in style. Just be sure to match it well with other pieces of your outfit. Well, these here are all that I am obsessed with in this winter. Hope you like them! *there are some non-fur garments as well. ;)

P.S.: If I am a mum one day, I'll definitely want to be one like this. XX


Images via: FreePeople; Pinterest; Static Lookbooks; They Roared Vintage; Nast Magazine; Polished 2 Perfection; The Glitter Guide; Jelanie; The Sartorialist


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It's a new year

It's a new year and if it is not exactly a new life, I hope it will bring new experiences and happiness!

...and to be absolutely 'original' I share my new year's resolutions with you:

P.S.: ...and the list goes on, but I will be super-satisfied if only these I could keep. Let's hope for the best! XX


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