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After a busy week of working on a competition, attending a festival for one week, everyday :) ...I am back to my 'ordinary' daily life. :) I missed blogging, searching, sharing... so at this point I couldn't decide what I want to write about... so, at the end decided to share my top favorite things of this moment.

Maybe I got inspired by last week's festival, but somehow... again I have hippies in my blog post. :) ...What can I do? I just love them! If you do not get what I'm talking about... watch the movie 'Hair', and immediately you will get into the mood.

But this time I'm in love not only with hippie stuff, but some bright colors, sripes, ruffles (it is so 'unlike' me) :), even with crazy red lipstick...  :) 

So, here there are... my current favorites... Hope you like them too!

P.S.: Don't forget to enjoy the rest of your summer! X


Images via: Anthropologie; PinterestChloe; Design Sponge; Bustle Events; Crush Cul de Sac; EJ Style; Style Essentials; Candance Rose; Dsw; The Age; Etsy; Vogue