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Coffee with KlassDSign

Coffee... one of the few things I can't live without... I think this is the first word - after 'thank you' and 'hi' - that I learn in every language. So this week we decided to salute to 'coffee' together with KlassDSign in the form of our weekly post.  

I just need to have coffee whereever I go, each and every day. :) And interestingly enough it is one thing that you call 'coffee' differently in every country, but with the name the kind of coffee changes as well. We drink kávé, the Italians espresso, or cappucino; the people in Paris - cafe' latte, in the Nordic countries they have - kahvi or kaffe; the Germans ask for a - wiener kaffee,  caffe', our Chech neighbours drink káva, and the cute Dutch guys (who I loooooove so much) have koffie on the way to work in the mornings. And if you want something special in Istambul order a kahve.

For me coffee has a warm, relaxing and comforting sense that brings you joy, happiness and some waking up. :) The whole process of making and drinking a coffee is kind of ritual and special at the same time. It gives me the feeling of celebration every time I have my favorite coffee, it doesn't matter that I make it myself at home or I order one in a coffee shop.

Of course I want to take it with me to my home as well. I wanna feel celebration and that special mood that coffee gives me, so I'll have a coffee-brown sofa or carpet in my living room and I'll wear a dark cappucino colored dress.

P.S.: I am going out to grab a coffee now... :) XX


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