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I had a dream...

...that one day, I am working for myself... and that I work as a designer. Last week together with my collegue (and of course in the great company of many friends and professionals) we opened our design studio - BoglarkaVera.

I can't describe my feelings right now... :) I am so happy that it hurts, and it gets me worried, because of the fear of loosing it one day. But I try not to think like that, just enjoying every second of it! :)

We've been asked by some journalist that where did we get the strenght and the courage to open a studio, especially now, when nothing is easy. And our answer couldn't be more simple. Because we...

So, we encourage you as well, don't be affraid to dream big! If you dare to dream big, you have the chance to get big!

And to close this post (that is so special for me, since I was waiting my studio opening for so long), I give you our motto:

'Imagine a new story for your life, and start living it'


Images via: Flickr; Etsy; I Heart Stolen Images; Pinterest; Summer Goals; Sunday in Bed; Tiny White Daisies