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Jersey love

If I think of cotton jersey, it is not only t-shirt, t-shirt, t-shirt, but rather anything but t-shirt. :) I love this amazing fabric, that is so versatile, comfortable and full of potential. 

It is very easy to cut a regular t-shirt in so many ways. My favorite is to cut into basic strands and then start the wonder. You can create braids, fringes, accessories, headbands or even can start a bigger project like to crochet a carpet.

For really serious jersey work :) you can buy ready-made jersey strands in a wide range of colors and patterns here.

P.S.: Take a look in you closet, I'm sure you have an old t-shirt that is just waiting to be cut into strands and re-born in a beautiful, new way. XX


Images via: The Sartorialist; Martha Stewart; Delia Creates; Pinterest; Etsy; Soul Mama; Two Ton Manta Ray; Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth; 79 Ideas; Melissa eSplin; Tanya Aguiniga