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Let's have a rug under our feet

Who doesn't like a thick, soft, warm rug under her feet? Isn't it great?! I love to have rug in the room. I love to sit there and watch TV, read a magazine, play with Lujzi or just to stretch my legs.

A well-chosen rug could be the center of attention, a color in a room, the final touch. And nowadays there are so many, beautiful ones available - crochet, felt, wool, knitted, vintage-like. (Check the Diesel rugs for Moroso!) Thankfully, some great designers are also keen on creating iconic rugs for us - Patrizia Urquiola, Kiki Van Eijk.

P.S.: Be sure to have your perfect rug before winter comes, because it can keep you warm in the cold times! X


Images via: Urban Outfitters; Diesel; Kiki Van Eijk; Patrizia Urquiola; Nanimarquina; Souled Objects; Studio Ditte; Ladies and Gentlemen; Oh Deeh Doh; Zephyr Style; Not on the High Street;