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New York food

If you are hungry in New York, or you cannot find any good food... something is really wrong with you! I am sure that there is no such place where you can find so many GOOD food! ...Everywhere! :)

Here are (some of) our favorites: I know... these are not food, but...! Let's start with the drinks...

...and there are all those beautiful cupcakes :)

Ice-cream! ...of course from the street.

The never-enough coffee. In every possible form: hot, iced, blended, skinny, soya... 

Fresh fruits, that we couldn't resist :)

And something especially special for me:

Of course there were a lot of steak, burgers, sushi and guacuamole sauce as well. (I think I ate the best guacamole sauce of my life.) But we were too busy eating them, rather than making photos. :)

I know we couldn't try all what is there to enjoy, I missed out for example the famous crabcake... well, one more reason to back again! ;)