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Newspaper stands

In the time of Internet, online media, e-books, e-designs, e-styling, e-everything... I still love the newspapers. I love that moment, when you approach the newspaper stand and can feel the smell of them... Nothing compares to it! :) I love to carry it around - under my arms, like a purse - with a coffee in my hand. So classy! :) or old-school, I don't care... it is great to read a newspaper!

And not just to read it! You can now decorate your home with them. After reading the newspaper, not to waste it, you just glue to the walls! Or make a wall-art in a frame, or make a bouquet out of it. And if you rather decorate yourself with it... then make an envelope bag or even a beautiful dress from the newspaper. Be creative, it is much more fun to use it for something then throw it to the trash.

My personal favorite is the newspaper-covered sofa.

P.S.: Don't forget to enjoy reading it first! :)


Images via: Design Traveller; Knack Studios; Crooked Brains; Designs Mine; No Seriously That is All; Oh So Beautiful Paper; Sarah Klassen; Snygg Blog