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Nude Awakenings

Seasons change, summer is coming to its end, we change our bright clothes to darkers, flowers to candles, light linen sheets to knitted blankets. We had a great load of neon fever along the summer or even in spring, now it is time for nudes and naturals. 

A couple of years ago, I would never thought that I will ever be so obsessed with beige and other nude tones as I am right now. I was positive that beige is no color, in fact whoever wears beige is most certainly boring and has no imagination at all. Well, that was then. :) I really start to belive that we do change with time. They say that our cells exchange completely in every seventh year. So, basicaly we reborn as a new person several times in our life. Probably that is the reason of my change of perspective on nude colors. 

I just hope you are in your 'currently loving nudes phase of life' right now. :)

P.S.: Bubble Bath nail polish from Opi is the perfect nude to die for. And to try of course! ...I'm doing it tonight XX


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