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Indie decor

Be Creative and try to do this cute Indie feather decoration at home! It is great to add to a flower bouquet or just alone in any vase.

What you need:

wire, paper, some left-over fabrics, scissors and glue.

Step 1:

Cut out from each fabric two similar pieces. Glue each of them to a piece of paper. Then glue these together again, but put the wire between the pairs.

Step 2:

Wait for a while to dry and set the glue and then shape them as you wish with the scissors. Try to obtain a feather-like shape.

Final step:

Find the perfect setting for them and enjoy! :) XX 

Tags: becreative

If you loved the pom-poms on your knitted hats when you were kid, you will definitely enjoy making these cute colorful, wool pom-poms. They are super-easy to make and are great source of decoration anywhere - in your house, on your clothes or as in my case in the car. :)

You will need: wool thread, cardboard, compass and scissors

1. Cut out two circles from the cardboard with the same size. Then cut out from each of them a smaller sized circle. Place the two pieces on the top of each other.

2. Twist the wool thread all over the cardboard (from the small hole to the sides) as much as you like. The more wool you twist on, the thicker the tuft will be. If you want an extra look, use more colors from the wool thread in the same tuft.

3. Between the two layers of cardboard, cut all the threads and with one single thread tie a knot, so it stays together. After cutting and making a knot we do not need the cardboards anymore. The tuft is ready! If it is necessary you can shape a little bit the help of scissors to get a beautiful, round pom-pom.

...and voila':

P.S.: Use as many colors as possible to achieve a bold and happy look! Enjoy! X



Words of wool

This is a tutorial how to make some cute words that could decorate your room, table, wall, neck :) It is very easy, so don't hesitate to try it at home!


What you need:

wire, wool thread (any color), pincers and some glue

How to make it:

1. bend the wire with the pincers as long as you get the desired word

2. fix the wool thread to the end of the wire

3. twist the wool thread all over the wire to cover completely

4. at the end make a loop and tie a knot from the wool thread, or just simply fix it with some glue.

P.S.: Could be made like this the perfect nametag on the front door of your baby! X