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Our latest topic together with KlassDSign is Barcelona. :) Somehow it is a word, if you hear it your face lid up, no? Either, because you have been there, (and of course it was a great experience), or because you really want to go there. But definitely not a neutral place for nobody. :)

Barcelona... the home of Hercules, the capital of Catalonia, the center of many artistic movement in Spain... and a kind of 'showroom' of Mr Antoni Gaudi. The whole city looks like a design portfolio or an open exhibition of him. It is beautiful, unmistakable... definitely one of a kind. And I do respect him as an architect, designer, artist.

But this 'Barcelona' post will be not about Gaudi. I tried to collect images that show other sides of the city as well. 'Cause there are so many things, but Gaudi in Barcelona. Beautiful parks, beaches, great restaurants, tapas bars... (ohhhh, so fantastic tapas food!!!) :) ...never-ending streets filled with fashion, design, history.

I had the chance to visit Barcelona only once (I went to visit the Bread & Butter Fashion Fair. Yes, it was a business trip. :) ), but I definitely want to go back and explore more of this sunny, deverse and multicultural metropolitan.

P.S.: I do recommend you though, to start with exploring Gaudi in Barcelona first! X :)


Some words/things/persons/ you must have to associate with Barcelona are:

Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona Chair and Barcelona Pavilion by Mies Van Der Rohe, Gehry's Peix (Fish) by Frank Gehry; Patricia Urquiola (for so many reason, but most importantly) designing the Mandarin Hotel; La Rambla; Tapas; La Boqueria; 


Images via: Baterbys; Be Ju Be Ru; Brooklyn Lime Stone; El Pais; Hotel Praktik Rambla; It's Barcelona Baby; Let Me Feel Like a Doll; More Design Please; Mandarin Oriental; Salis Studio; Traveller's Point; A Cottage in the Woods; Juvan DesignThe New Domestic;  Google; Flickr; Pinterest;    


These are so cute... they do take my 'wreath' away! :) :) ... I wanna hang them... all of them to my front door! ...everywhere! :) Hope you like them too...

P.S.: You can make such beautiful wreaths almost from anything. Just be creative and express yourself! X


Images via: A Beautiful Mess; Bees Knees Bungalow; Carolina Eclectic; Cuegly; Factory Direct Crafts; Eigteen 25; Sweet Paul Magazine; The Long Thread; Today's Creative; Twig and Thistle; Style Me Pretty; Vintage Rose Garden; Blue Moss Girls; Julia's Room for Dessert; My House of Giggles; Pinterest; Flickr; Etsy;    


Are you hungry? Or not? Who cares about food if you have a beautifully set table like these?!

P.S.: if you have a cute guy to share with all this... it's even better! X


Images via: 79 Ideas Decoration; Gardening in Hills; Green Weddings; House of Turquoise; Little Miss Wedding; Martha Stewart; Modern Photographers; Sam's Notebook; The Wedding Chicks

I (do) Blame Coco for making me listen her fantastic album 20 times yesterday evening! It is just simply great!!! 

Well... she kinda have to be, since she is the daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler. :) Anyway, she got talent, voice and a very unique and extraordinary style. It is definitely one-of-a-kind! I love her, hope'll too!

So just listen to this one:



P.S.: It was hard to choose only one song... all of them are great! 


Image via: Ant Clausen


Coffee with KlassDSign

Coffee... one of the few things I can't live without... I think this is the first word - after 'thank you' and 'hi' - that I learn in every language. So this week we decided to salute to 'coffee' together with KlassDSign in the form of our weekly post.  

I just need to have coffee whereever I go, each and every day. :) And interestingly enough it is one thing that you call 'coffee' differently in every country, but with the name the kind of coffee changes as well. We drink kávé, the Italians espresso, or cappucino; the people in Paris - cafe' latte, in the Nordic countries they have - kahvi or kaffe; the Germans ask for a - wiener kaffee,  caffe', our Chech neighbours drink káva, and the cute Dutch guys (who I loooooove so much) have koffie on the way to work in the mornings. And if you want something special in Istambul order a kahve.

For me coffee has a warm, relaxing and comforting sense that brings you joy, happiness and some waking up. :) The whole process of making and drinking a coffee is kind of ritual and special at the same time. It gives me the feeling of celebration every time I have my favorite coffee, it doesn't matter that I make it myself at home or I order one in a coffee shop.

Of course I want to take it with me to my home as well. I wanna feel celebration and that special mood that coffee gives me, so I'll have a coffee-brown sofa or carpet in my living room and I'll wear a dark cappucino colored dress.

P.S.: I am going out to grab a coffee now... :) XX


Images via: Anthropologie; Ballard Design; Cosy Deco; CW Frosting; Nanimarquina; Net-a-Porter; Purl Soho; H&M; A Thousand Rings; Desde My Ventana; Midwest Treatment; More Design Please; Ideas to Steel; Photo Problem; Sleepy Fawn; The Hermitage; You Are The River; Flickr; Pinterest;  

Ribbons & Buttons

We see them every day, we use them for so many things - tigthing up our clothes, our hair, our shoes for sure or to decorate a bouquet. Buttons we know well. We learn as a child how to close and open things with buttons. Buttons can bring you a fortune as well, if you think of Benjamin Button. Ohhhh, he is gorgeous!!!! :)

I'd like to share some ideas with you what else you could do with a beautiful ribbon or some buttons here...

P.S.: Be sure you mix and match as many ribbons and buttons as possible! Look around your grandmother's sewing box for treasures!


Images via: BoglarkaVera; A Creative Mind; A Well-Travelled Woman; Studio Ditte; HomeWorkshop; Martha Stewart Weddings;  Pinterest; Scissors PaperworkThe Glitter Guide; Tiny White Daisies; Fuck Yeah Hair; Mackenzie Horan


Magical Tulle

If you think tulle is only for weddings... Think again! It looks great on you during weekdays too, it can make a perfect lamp shade, decoration for your bicycle, earring, or even an ornament for your front door. Tulle is a super-feminine fabric, so if you need to emphasize your feminine side, just put on some tulle! Carrie would do the same... :)

P.S.: Don't forget tulle on your wedding day either! X


Images via: Babie Rabies; Etsy; Fru Fly; Google; Greedy for Color; Jessica Lynn Writes; We Heart It; Vintage Rose Brocante; Austin Wedding; Erin + Courtney; Flickr; Follow Studio; Home Biba;  

It seems endless, it seems dark, it seems cold and it seems wild. We love it or we hate it, but for sure we can't control it.  

'Rain is what the thunder brings

For the first time I can hear my heart sing

Call me a fool but I know I'm not

I'm gonna stand out here on the mountain top'

P.S.: So, don't be affraid to get wet! Go out and dance in the rain!


Images via: Beauty in Everything; Create & Barrel; Awesome Photography; FYeah Tattoos; Flickr; We Heart It; Design Love Fest; See Me Everywhere; Vi.Sualize.Us

Mint with KlassDSign

This week we drink, smell, paint, wear, enjoy, ride, live, glue, read and most importantly LOVE some fresh mint together with KlassDSign.

Come and 'mint love' away with us!

P.S.: You should definitely try the fresh mint kiss... anywhere... not necessarily on a bridge! XX


Images via: BoglarkaVera; Confetti System; Reasons To Breathe; Scissors Paperwork; Wedding Chicks; Shannon Eileen; Anthropologie; Drop Stitch; Tea 5 Spoon; Uguisu Ckok; Flickr; Pinterest; Google; Elements of Style; La Belle Vie;   


The coast of Provence has some the earliest known sites of human habitation in Europe. Primitive stone tools dated to 1 to 1.05 million years BC were found in this beautiful area. Of course this is not the reason we've chosen 'Provence' as our weekly 'Together with KlassDSign' post.

It is a place of so many beauties... There are the mountains, the wide rivers, the amazing Calanques (the series of narrow inlets in the coastline), those purple, lavender fields, the Festival of Cannes, the smells and colors of Nice, the luxury of Monaco, the fantastic wine and cheese and most importantly the unmistakable Provencian style. That is everywhere - in the houses inside and outside, in the decoration of a table, on the streets, at a picnic and so on.

Provence is definitely the place where you cannot be anything, but happy and relaxed. Maybe the lavender is responsible for this, or the strong red wines, or the scent of provencian herbs... who knows.

But for sure a place everybody has to visit at least once in a lifetime!


P.S: Bon Voyage! :) XX


Images via: Dream Whites; Louboos and Shoes; Booklover; Design Sponge; Love and Lavender; The Brides Cafe; We Love Typograhpy; Green Like Bath Water; Veronica Olson; Williams Sonoma; Lost in There Naissance; Oh Hello Friend; Style Files; Style Me Pretty; WeHeartIt; Google.fr;