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I had a dream...

...that one day, I am working for myself... and that I work as a designer. Last week together with my collegue (and of course in the great company of many friends and professionals) we opened our design studio - BoglarkaVera.

I can't describe my feelings right now... :) I am so happy that it hurts, and it gets me worried, because of the fear of loosing it one day. But I try not to think like that, just enjoying every second of it! :)

We've been asked by some journalist that where did we get the strenght and the courage to open a studio, especially now, when nothing is easy. And our answer couldn't be more simple. Because we...

So, we encourage you as well, don't be affraid to dream big! If you dare to dream big, you have the chance to get big!

And to close this post (that is so special for me, since I was waiting my studio opening for so long), I give you our motto:

'Imagine a new story for your life, and start living it'


Images via: Flickr; Etsy; I Heart Stolen Images; Pinterest; Summer Goals; Sunday in Bed; Tiny White Daisies

As the 2nd chapter in our project together with KlassDSign, this week's common theme is Umbrella. 

It is such a beautiful object that comes handy these days (at least in Budapest). We carry them with us, we leave them at home (when we would need the most), but who would've thought that we could decorate our home with them? Or that a beautifully shaped umbrella makes a special hat?

Personally, I loooooove the umbrellas! The crazier the better! You can find some unbelievable ones in the Nordic countries (sometimes they have rain, you know) :) In Amsterdam for example I've bought a cute pink-black micro dotted umbrella with ruffles all around! :)

...maybe I should do a chandelier from it!?

P.S.: Don't hate the umbrella when it's raining and you have to carry it! Think of it as a great accessory (that you don't have every day) to add to your outfit! :)


Images via: BHouse; Design House Stockholm; Erin Pot Pie; Gypsy Purple Home; Home Interior Design Themes; Books, Zombies and Piadina; Umbrella To Go; Vintage Rose Garden; We Heart It

Body Art

I keep hearing that the tattoos are not nice, especially a girl should never have one! Well, please tell me if these are not beautiful! 

P.S.: one of the tattoos is mine :) Guess which one?


Images via: Happiness must come from within;  Fuck Yeah Tattoos;  Threadless; We.Sualize.Us; We Heart It; Pinterest;   

My heart yearns for...

...going to the lakes. 


Images via: Flickr; Img Fave; Tumblr; Starbucks and Jane Austen; Vanessa Christenson; We Heart It; Pinterest;  

As we mentioned before, we start a new project with KlassDSign. We create one post time to time with the same theme to see how differently or similarly we interpret it. This is the first theme (was chosen by KlassDSign) - wood... or tree... or both..., so I call it: wooden tree. :)

'In here they've got a little tree, how queer?

And who would ever think? And why?

They're covering it with tiny little things 

They've got electric lights on strings 

And there's a smile on everyone...

Oh, could it be I got my wish? 

What's this?'
/Fall Out Boy/

'Collect the bad habits

That you couldn't bare to keep

Out of the woods, but I love

A tree I used to lay beneath

Kissed teeth stained red

From a sour bottle baby girl

With eyes the size of baby worlds'

/Fall Out Boy/


Images via: Sfgirlbybay; Etsy; Shoe per Woman; Crush Cul de Sac; Anthology Magazine; Wedding Cheese Cake; Design Shimmer; Pinterest  

This is a guest post by Caroline Boneham from Natural Beauty. Her blog is absolutely full of inspirations, energy and beautiful images from many areas of life. I particulary love the style of her mood boards, so I asked her to create one for me.

(To be honest I created one for her as well :) ... kind of like an 'inspiration exchange'. You can see it here: Natural Beauty - Pink Flower Love Guest Post)

Oh my goodness, summer in Chicago!  There are hardly words to describe it… We only really have two seasons here: “arctic” and “construction,” so we are beyond thrilled when summer finally arrives (so much so that we hardly notice all the construction). 

It is fantastic eating outside, especially at rooftop restaurants and bars where you can see the twinkling lights of the city - and maybe even the river or the lake - as the sun sets.  It’s always nice to spend a day at the beach or to take a trip to a smaller lake in a neighboring state like Wisconsin or Michigan, and my photoboard above illustrates the dominant colors and textures of summer in the Midwest. 

But my favorite thing to do in the summer is to bring a picnic to an outdoor concert venue called Ravinia and lay out on the grass with friends drinking wine, eating and listening to live music.  It’s pretty magical.  Summer is also a beautiful time for romance here, so I’m hoping to go on at least one really good date.  (Hey, a girl can dream.) 

Wishing you all a lovely summer! C


Images via: Alicia Bock; Anthropologie; Pinterest



As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I've met with some great people from our 'little' blog community. :) We became friends, and from the first meeting we are thinking of doing something together. Since they run the great blog - Klassdsign - that we adooooore - and in many cases they touch the same topic as me (by pure coincidence), we decided to do it on purpose.

Every week we will both have one post on a certain theme - that we will decide always in the previous week. We'll create blog posts around the chosen topic, and we will post them and of course link them 'Together' on a given day.

It will be so much fun to see the different interpretation of the same theme. :) Can't wait!!!

The purpose of this so called collaboration is that we want to connect with each other, help each other, promote each other, but more importantly we want to inspire and share beautiful things with each other... and of course with You! 


Because we believe that 'together we can do more'.

There is a beautiful quote on friendship from a famous Hungarian writer - Mr. Sándor Márai. Let us share it with you! (I tried to translate it to English for you):


What is there between people?' ...How many relationships lie there? People consider 4 or 5 concepts in their life, there is friendship, love, sympathy, trust... And there is also something that has no name. A relationship that is more secret and less incomprehensible..."


The first 'Together Post" will be online next week, around Thursday. Stay tuned!


Images via: New Friends; Pinterest; Lilla Lotta; Flickr

Image via: Heart of April

...when we are outside all night long. We organize open-air dinners, barbecues, birhday parties, weddings, basically we (try to) do everything outside. We love to feel the sun, the wind, see the sunset or the sunrise, dine under the stars... Why? There is no explanation, it is just how it is. And it is perfect like this.

And of course designing the table settings of these open-air events is so much fun! The only rule is that there are NO rules when it comes to styling. The more creative you are the better! 

This is how we (would) do it: Hope you like them! XX

Have a beautiful 'open-air' weekend! :)


Images via: 100 Layers Cake; Design by Delight; Kelly Oshiro; The Style Files; Stylish Correspondence; Pinterest

Hanging there

We are so creative. In so many ways. Same idea - so many different solutions. I love the teapots!!!!! And you? Which is your favorite?

Images via: Aha Home and Garden; Apartment Therapy; Pen n' PaperFlowers; Style Me Pretty; Tumblr; Flickr;