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Jersey love

If I think of cotton jersey, it is not only t-shirt, t-shirt, t-shirt, but rather anything but t-shirt. :) I love this amazing fabric, that is so versatile, comfortable and full of potential. 

It is very easy to cut a regular t-shirt in so many ways. My favorite is to cut into basic strands and then start the wonder. You can create braids, fringes, accessories, headbands or even can start a bigger project like to crochet a carpet.

For really serious jersey work :) you can buy ready-made jersey strands in a wide range of colors and patterns here.

P.S.: Take a look in you closet, I'm sure you have an old t-shirt that is just waiting to be cut into strands and re-born in a beautiful, new way. XX


Images via: The Sartorialist; Martha Stewart; Delia Creates; Pinterest; Etsy; Soul Mama; Two Ton Manta Ray; Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth; 79 Ideas; Melissa eSplin; Tanya Aguiniga


Marry Me

I think I am not the only woman who loves weddings and everything around it, like proposals, rings, love poems, the dress, the flowers, but mainly the idea that IT ALL CAN happen once with us. :) So, I gathered some cool and creative ideas for popping the big question: 'Would you marry me?' ...for you... to give you a bit of a heartache and a lot to dream about! 

Personaly for me the perfect proposal over the fact that it is unique and unrepeatable, cannot be complete without the perfect ring. And those who says it is not about the ring, well... they are wrong. It is always about the ring! It has to reflect the soon-to-be bride's personality, style and even the relationship itself. And it is a great (and seriously difficult) way of testing the groom, how much he knows about his dream girl.

I suggest you to check out the site of 77Diamonds.com for future ideas and send some hints to your guy, just to be sure. ;)

P.S.: Just close your eyes, dream on and image that you are the next who will get the big question: would you marry me? XX


Images via: 77 Diamonds; Piercing and Ink; Etsy; Huaban; Pinterest; Gros Grain Fabolous; Little Pink Moon; Between Each Smile;  

March Fave's

My end of March top favorite items/designs/pieces/colors...

1. Pink-coral interior styling


2. A super-cool design by Beril Cicek


3. Current fashion beauties


4. Pin-up styled eyeliners


5. And some adorable iphone 4 cases


I know... it's a bit of a mix of things here... but what can I say... a lot of things on my mind. :) And yes... I got a new phone, so of course I had to search for a new phone case as well. Guess which one I have at the end!


P.S.: Some of the beauties I still could refer as 'wish list items'. ...So, what else left for me but to 'desire', 'believe'...and 'receive'.


Images via: The Glamourai; Pinterest; Etsy; Urban Outfitters; Pull&Bear; Net-a-porter; Cath Kidtson; Maison Scotch; BHLDN; Cakies; Even And Wright; Beril Cicek;

21 March 2012.  :)

Although I thought it is today, I checked earlier and it was two days ago, when I started exactly 1 year ago writing Pink Flower Love. But who cares about 1-2 days? :)

I am celebrating my blog today. I still love it, every bit of it, love writing it, love reading it (sorry, but I do). And I love the fact that it is so much like me. The only place where I can truly be myself and honest.

So, I guess what I want to say is that I am so grateful to You, my beautiful blog (and of course to You my dear readers) and I wish a happy birthday and lots of years to come shining! XX

And to recall that first post... I cannot say it better than to remind you to: 

/Imagine a new story for your life and start living it. by P.Coelho/


P.S.: I love You All


Images via: Design Sponge; Pinterest

Denim Love

For me denim is something that is never-out-of my sight. It was and I'm sure, will be always an important part of my life, since I spent 8 years working for denim companies. I wear them, I designed them and I guess will love them for a long long time... :)

And to show you how diversal this fabric is, I created this post of some common and not-so-common use of it. *the wedding gown is for You Katya! :)


P.S.: As a first step towards loving denim - buy a good pair of jeans! :) This spring I suggest go for the ones with flare legs! XX


Images via: Free People; Little Blue Deer; My Sweet and Saucy; Style spotting; The Design Files;  A Well-travelled Woman; Nylon Magazine; Scotch & Soda; Houzz; Maiwa Handprints; Convoy; Pinterest

Although I don't like the idea of closing a bird in a birdcage, I love birdcages! The look of them, the shape, the message they carry... It is old, it is romantic, somehow feminine and full of meaning.

Nowadays we don't use birdcages for what people used them before. To keep a beautiful bird there and admire her colors and singing voice. We have birdcages to decorate. Our home, us, even we use them for street art installation. However you use it, it is always special for any circumstances and situations. Don't be affraid to pick yours! :)

P.S.: I just realized that I need to have a birdcage earring immediately!!! :) XX


Images via: TonyZhou; Bruna Kaercher; I Feel Them Alice; Miss Selfridge; My Most Beautiful Beck; Nicole Basa; The Other Alice; Kara Karma; Shannon Eileen; Pinterest; VisualizeUs

Bridal tattoos

It may sound and seem surreal, but somehow I love it. It is so unusually beautiful to see a bride with a lot of tattoos. The masculine tattoos somehow emphasize the femininity of a bride. Tattooed brides are definitely unique and cool. I would love to be one of them! :)

The perfect tattoo to show your 'love' on your wedding day:

P.S.: If you have a tattoo that you love, never hide it on your big day, but rather show it to the world. XX


Images via: 100 Layer Cake; Green Wedding Shoes; We Heart It; Love At First Blush; My Wedding Dream


Tags: fashion; love


One of my favorite online fashion store is Ruche. The clothes are amazing, vintage, feminine, unique and they create beautiful styling photos as well. These are my personal faves at the moment. :) Hope you like them too!

P.S.: These clothes take me back in time to the 1940's - 1950's :)


Images via: Ruche

It is now getting to be usual that everybody is crazy for vintage. ...anything vintage, really. :) But what I realized a couple of months ago that vintage goes way beyond to the trends then just putting an old furniture from the flea market to our homes, or to buy some vintage clothes from the sixties. 

There are obvious facts that in 2012/13 we look back in the time of our parents, grandparents for inspiration. We tend to love, use, wear the colors or those times. Even all the big design brands' latest collections show the beautiful vintage blue.

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to visit Maison & Objet in Paris, where I took some pictures, so you see as well that 'vintage blue' is everywhere. 

It is such a beautiful color. Personally, I love it! As the color of a car, a color to wear or just to look at on our wall. Hope you like it too, or at least get some hint of it for later! :)

P.S.: Although no color can be as vintage as blue, look for other true vintage blues around you. Let me know what you find and who knows... there could come a new post out of it! :) XX


Images via: Free People; Champagne and Pearls; Cupcakes and Sprinkles; Fashionistax; Bluebird Vintage; Love it Pink; Marie Olsson Nylander; 79 Ideas; Pinterest; Etsy; We Heart It

I designed this chair, let me know what you think! 

There's also a video here of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdssj4e98KY


P.S.: Hope you like it though...  :)