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Monochromatic - Yellow

This is the first post of a series that I decided that I will do regularly. I will collect some 'monochromatic' interiors, pictures, outfits, etc to see that how many tones, shades or tints has one single color hue. Not so common to use red with cherry color or dark pink, but if they belong to the same hue, the outcome could be very unique and beautiful.

So, the first color of my 'monochromatic' post series is 'yellow'. Hope you like them and will be inspired to wear yellow t-shirt with yellow (darker) pants.

P.S.: If you feel yellow t-shirt with yellow pants is too much for you, you can begin with painting your nails yellow and taking a yellow umbrella with you! XX


Images via: Alice is Wonderful; Decor Amor; August Empress; Because I'm Addicted; BHG; Bhldn; Bluebird Vintage; Fashion Gone Rouge; Layla Grace; Minityalo; My Blue Canoe; SD Wedding Insider; Style Me Pretty; The Glitter Guide; The Tum-Tum Tree; Vi.Sualize.Us; Wish Flowers

The summer has really coming to its end... but we don't mourn about it. There are so many beautiful things in Autumn that we can be happy for! One of my favorite is the annual 'grape harvest'. This year we are doing it 'together with KlassDSign'. :)

It is always fun to participate a traditional grape harvest in a private vinery at the countryside. I have so many memories of it! My grandfather had two vineries in the Zala county in Hungary, so every year in early October all the family gathered together and helped him to pick all the yummy grapes and start the wine-making process. Of course each time the hard work finishes in a big festival-kind celebration with some fresh must and handpicked, oven-baked chesnuts. It is sooooooooo great!

Although my grandfather no longer with us, and those vineries are not ours anymore, we still have plenty of chances to experience the grape harvest feeling in every Autumn. My father has his own vinery now, so of course we are always welcome to help :) Although it is not the same anymore, the annual grape harvest brings me such beautiful memories. Plus it inspires me in so many ways - interior decoration, fashion, food, colors... :)

And there are so many delicious fruits waiting to be harvested during the Autumn - apple, plum, blueberry, blackberry, etc. Just look around, I'm sure you will find at least one harvesting festival somewhere near. 

P.S.: Don't forget to taste the sweet, fresh must! X


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Crystal Shine

Is it the sunshine? Or is this the crystal that is so clear and yet, so mystical? According to Feng Shui, crystal brings you money and multiply all positive energy in a room. Mr. Swarovski made a billion-furtune out of it... and if it comes in the pure from of diamond... there are no woman who would say: thanks, but no thanks. :)

Sometimes it is too shiny, sometimes it is too cold or sharpe and rigid... still we love the crystal. Especially how the light brakes through it to million pieces. Take a look in how many forms crystal is around us and we don't even realize it. ...or is its shine that makes us blind to see?

P.S.: Try to hand a crystal in your home to see it is really brings you all that it supposed to bring. Can't hurt, no? :) X


Images via: Bona Drag; Christine Bauer; Encore un Minute; House of Turquise; Lovely Clusters; Masion Marigold; Now Emma; Poppy Talk; A Bloggable Life; The Cherry Blossom Girl; Yellow Trace; We Heart It; Flickr

Get packed and let's leave the hot summer city this weekend. With these amazing vintage suitcases, not only your weekend will be relaxed, but you can travel back in time as well... :)

And if you are not so lucky to have a weekend getaway, you can still sit on, marry, store, pack...

P.S.: If you don't want to use it for anything, it is a great decoration anywhere you put! Just please don't throw them out! X


Images via: Country Living; Modern Hepburn; Salvaged Grace; Storage and Glee; We Heart It; Polyvore; Pinterest; Flickr; Poppies and Sunshine; Vi.Sualize.Us; My Vintage Party; Ruffled; Style Me Pretty; Stumble Upon; Style It Chic;


Sea with KlassDSign

Another hot week ran by, so it is time for our post 'together with KlassDSign'. This week our theme is 'sea'. I hope I will feel a bit less of the hot by looking at these 'cool' pictures. :) Enjoy!

P.S.: I bet you wanna go in right now to have a dip! :)


Images via: The Lighthouse Keeper; Vanity Obsession; Browned Eyed Belle; Etsy; We Heart It; Maedchenmitherz; My Paradissi; Sailboat and Seersucker; West Elm

Monday Faves

This Monday I'm in love with these... especially with the drawer buttons. :)


Images via: Monsoon; Topshop; Anthropologie; Urban Outfitters


I couldn't resist to share it with you these amazing Monique Lhuillier dresses. And the colors!!!!!! There are no words! :)

P.S.: Definitely worth to check out her full collection! X


Images via: Monique Lhuillier
Tags: fashion

I am sure you had said at least once in your life: I don't have anything to wear! This happens most of the times sitting in front of our closet and having the feeling of absolute lost and fear of not knowing what to put on. Of course in most cases it is a bit of exaggeration. Generally he reason for us to say this is the wrongly designed and built wardrobe or closet. The most common problem is actually the fact that we have way too many clothes and we cannot find the perfect one in the big chaos - there is not enough space, the shelves are too narrow, there is not enough hangers, it is impossible to see through the drawers, and concerning the shoes - we forget half of the shoes we own, because we cannot even reach the shoeboxes.

And yet, it is so simply what would be like the perfect closet for girls. There should be a lot of clothes, shoes and accessories stored in a visible, reachable way. It should be easy and effortless to try anything on, of course would need a huge mirror for that (or even two), and in the meantime we don't want anything more than to feel like a princess.

To be able to fit all our clothes, accessories and even our shoes in our closet, one thing we need for sure - space. It is important to built a closet as big as possible - of course based on our given possibilities and features of our home. If we cannot build a separate room for closet, we could arrange a wardrobe space for example in the bedroom, behind our bed. In an ideal closet, there is place besides the general shelves and storing areas, there is space for an armchair or a puff, where we could try the clothes with comfort, a large sized mirror with enough space in front of it, or even a dressing table where we could finish our make-up or perfect our look.

The size should be around 15-20 square meters. If we are lucky, there is window in our closet, since the real color of the clothes can be seen the best in natural light. Without this, we should use warm, general and local lights. It is very important that we never direct light to the mirror, but always to ourselves standing in front of the mirror!

Moreover it is essential that the clothes have the 'main role' in our closet. Our main goal should be to have the clothes in our closet in a visible and accessible way, and nevertheless we protect them in order to be able to use them for a long time. There is nothing that distract the focus from the clothes if we paint the walls white or we place them on white shelves. Especially if we have open shelves, we shouldn't be afraid to have a boring 'white' look, since the clothes are very colorful and will add life into the neutral background. A very interesting look can be achieved for example if we group the clothes according to colors. In the case of closed wardrobes, we can chose bright, vivid patterned wallpapers to the walls, but an extravagant rug or puff could be another solution to add some color to the closet.

There is something that is even more important than choosing the right colors - organizing. It is a great way to organize the clothes, accessories by categories. A category can be anything, the important thing is that we understand it and be able to find the clothes easily according to them. I know for many of us it seems impossible, especially if we have  an artistic, creative mentality and we are unable to think logically or rationally.

The best way to store our shoes for example is in boxes with window, or on open shelves, so we can see them all the time and not forget them. We can save a lot of time in our busy life, if we make the drawers or other storage boxes as well more clear and organized by different signs and labels.

And of course if somebody just can't control herself and her creativity concerning the perfect closet, it is never hurts anybody to build a colorful, lacy, ruffled, pink, over-the-top boudoir-like closet. :) Since the most important thing is - like with every other room - to have a closet that we love, make our life easier and most importantly we can feel like a real woman there.

P.S.: Love your clothes, because they are here to make you happy and beautiful! X


Images via: 79 Ideas; Elle Decoration; Marcus Design Inc; Pairs Apartment; My Design Chic; Song of Style; Lisa Bengtsson; The Stories Sofa 2z; Citified; Late Night Fashion; Stacie Edwards; Pinterest; WeHeartIt; In My House Design;  


After a busy week of working on a competition, attending a festival for one week, everyday :) ...I am back to my 'ordinary' daily life. :) I missed blogging, searching, sharing... so at this point I couldn't decide what I want to write about... so, at the end decided to share my top favorite things of this moment.

Maybe I got inspired by last week's festival, but somehow... again I have hippies in my blog post. :) ...What can I do? I just love them! If you do not get what I'm talking about... watch the movie 'Hair', and immediately you will get into the mood.

But this time I'm in love not only with hippie stuff, but some bright colors, sripes, ruffles (it is so 'unlike' me) :), even with crazy red lipstick...  :) 

So, here there are... my current favorites... Hope you like them too!

P.S.: Don't forget to enjoy the rest of your summer! X


Images via: Anthropologie; PinterestChloe; Design Sponge; Bustle Events; Crush Cul de Sac; EJ Style; Style Essentials; Candance Rose; Dsw; The Age; Etsy; Vogue

We are surrounded by textiles all the time. We dress with them, we sleep in them, we decorate our home with them, but somehow in our mind they don't have the 'leading role' in any circumstances. It is always the room itself or the total look of an outfit, but we hardly ever realize that it wouldn't be any look at all without the textile.

Let's see how much do we like textiles... together with KlassDSign we collect the very best of them...

I personally love textile (I even went to school to learn about it :) )... so for me it is essential what is the color, the touch or the pattern of a certain textile. When I say textile, it can mean many things - fabrics made with different techniques like printing, waving, kniting, but carpets, woven jaquards, silks and many more are also go to this cathegory.

P.S.: If you want happiness around you, dress everything with textiles! 


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