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Hippie Chic

Since the 1970's we had a few 'hippie - fever', so we might think that - it's done. But the thing is that a true hippie soul will never die, no matter what are the trends, what happening in the world, who was once a hippie, will always be a hippie in some level.

I know. I am one of them. :) ...and again the hippie soul inside of me is singing to me...

Images via: Topshop; Kling; Etsy; Lune Vintage; Free People; Jimmy Schönning, Flickr; Riazzoli

Listen how does it sing to me:

Scott McKenzie - San Francisco

Lace Grace

Yesterday, I've met with two fantastic girls... and they told me - if you want to write about a certain theme, don't care about anything or anybody,  just do it! I took their advice...

So, this is my version on the beautiful fabric - lace. Hope you like it! X


Source: Bhg, BHLDN, Brown Dress With White Dots, Coup De Cat, Electric Raspberry, Etsy, Free People, Oh Hello Friend, Wedding And Cakes, We Heart It
Tags: fashion; love

Accessori Fiorini

I realized that I own 'a couple of' gigantic rings. I also realize that I don't have too much necklaces that I could wear (of course it's not true, but I had to say sthing)... So, I did a necklace from (some of) my beautiful rings! :)

Of course I couldn't leave out my flower pins either! They make the whole picture complete anyway. :) Hope you like them too! X


Tags: fashion; flower

Ruffle away

There is nothing more feminine than wearing ruffles. ...as much as possible! :) Specially in these beautiful powder colors. 

So, just 'ruffle away'! XX


My  'It-list' for the weekend:

Sooooo pink...

...through pink glasses... everything is beautiful! :)

Weekly fave's

I am a huge fan of online shopping, so of course I made some cool purcases this week also.

1. Scotch and Soda leather jacket

2. Marimekko for Converse shoes :) I was searching for this pair since February. Although Marimekko is a Finnish brand, it is not easy to buy something that is available mostly, only in the US :( ...if you are not based in the US

3. Vintage armchairs* #1-2

4. Vintage armchairs* #3-4

*wait until these re-born in their new life!


...I'll marry you!

...just to wear this Christian Dior dress! :)

Ciao Milano

In 2 hours I'm off to Milan for the fantastic Salone del Mobile - 2011 Design Week/ Festival/ Crazyness...

Every day I report the best of that day, so you can also be a part of this great event. Stay tuned and wait for all the beauties! :)

Until I arrive, here are some photos from the previous years (and 1 that is completely new).


Knit treasures

Although the cold winter nights are over - at least for a while - I still love these: