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More Madrid

I made some photos during our long Madrid weekend... I thought these pictures I share with you. My personal favorite is there somewhere... :) 


Last week we went for a long weekend to Madrid. And I really liked these old painted ceramic tiles on the outside walls of some traditional 'Madronos cervercerias' (Spanish pubs).

Suitcase of a soldier

Suitcase of a soldier

If this suitcase could tell us some stories... 1976 - the first year of my father's military service. He used this suitcase to travel home and back to the service. Just unbelievable! :) I looooooove these kind of stories. And since he knows my obsession for vintage finds, he searched at the attic and gave it to me.  




Even he told me that there is - at my grandmother's place - also the box (there were no suitcases at that time in the army) that my grandfather used, when he was in military service. :) Can't wait to see it!