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I designed this chair, let me know what you think! 

There's also a video here of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdssj4e98KY


P.S.: Hope you like it though...  :)

Monochromatic - Coral

The 2nd post in the 'Monochromatic' series has finally arrived. And it's called: Coral. :) Although you can see some touch of colors here and there - I tried to show how beautiful can be a monochromatic scheme. 

Why coral? Well, I am kindda got hanged onto it for quite some time now... and today I learnt that it means something! Actually, it means a LOT! What does exactly, hmm... I think I have to listen to my heart to understand it!

P.S.: Rely on your intuition and if you feel like wearing coral... go for it! You don't get that feeling by coincidence. X


Images via: Kika Reichert; Kitschy Living; Design Sponge; Gilt; Green Wedding Shoes; Plum Pretty Sugar; Anthropologie; Yarn at Websters; The simply Luxurious Life; Etsy; Pinterest;


Winter snow

I remember all those beautiful white days and night I was lucky enough to experience when I lived in Finland. It is just incomparable! Although I love the one week each year ski-resort snow, it is never the same as it was in Helsinki. 

My first Christmas there, there was 60cm fresh snow on Xmas Eve. We walked to our friends' home with a slade, but it was not easy in all that deep snow. Sure, I'll never forget!

Unfortunately, here in Budapest you just wait for the snow... for long and long, and it might be never come. ...But sometimes...., when you least expect it.... you wake up one morning, look out the window... and everything is covered with sugarwhite snow. :) So beautiful... :) ...can't wait! 

And until that morning, we still have these magical photos to dream about.

I really wanna get married!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least wear this dress! In the snow! :)

P.S.: Definitely the best 'snow-experience' is kissing in the snow, right after you made a pair of Snow-Angels in the snow. XX


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Xmas Ornaments

It is really the last minute to think about it, but may there's enough time to look for the perfect Christmas ornaments for this year's Xmas tree. Personaly, I love the pink vintage, glass balls, they are so romantic and each and one of them has a story to tell. 

...although the natural ones are great too! ...and the white lace-kinds as well. And the knitted, wool balls! They are just so adorable! :) And super-easy to make them!

P.S.: ...I'll have a blue Christmas without you... my beautiful, pink ornaments... :( :) XX


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Xmas Wrapping

Every year it is the same: 10 minutes before exchanging gifts, I am running around in the house, trying to fix all the Xmas presents' wrapping, along with some serious panic attack. I never have enough wrapping paper, or ribbon, or I just simply hate the final result. ...but since there is no time to change it, or get nicer paper... it stays as it is. :(

But not this year! I was clever enough to search and get some inspirations, so I am able to create a 'one-and-only' gift wrapping to everybody.

I'm not quite decided how I'll do them, but for sure it will be PINK, I will add some FLOWERS... and of course filled with A LOOOOOOOT OF LOVE! :)

Ahhhh, and I'll add lace as well! ...and pom-poms!!! Definitely! :)

The one with the newspaper, the paper-lace and the wooden pin is my favorite! Just Perfect! 

P.S: Believe me, it is better not to leave the gift wrapping for the very last minute! Try to really give youself into it! :)


Images via: Allt i Hemmet; Carolyn's Homework; MayaLee Photography; Decor8; Luxe Finds; Nicole Heady; Oh Hello Friend; Older And Wisor; The Crafting Chicks; Whimsy Decor; Pinterest; Flickr; We Heart It


Xmas Decor

If for some reason - you didn't have time to decorate the house Christmas-y, now it is definitely the time to do it! We give you some wonderful ideas how. With some pine branches and pineal, a ribbon + your creativity :)

Don't forget to dress up your bed with Xmas linens and pillows... you'll dream about 'frosty the snowman' and 'silent night' for sure :)

Use pink, pink and bit more of PINK!!!! ...oh, don't forget pink!

And finally my absolute favorites are the stockings... It is so great to wake up in the morning and curiously check out what is inside of our. ...you never know. :)

P.S.: To be honest I am not done with the decoration yet, but after all this, for sure I will do it tonight! X


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Xmas Tree

8th December. This is the day when the Italians decorate their Christmas tree. And by that the holiday season is officialy begins. It was strange for me at first, since I got used to decorate the tree on the afternoon of 24th (Christmas Eve). But last year I kinda got the idea, why it is great to have your tree already on the day of St Johanna. You have plenty of time to get into the holiday mood and prepare yourself for the wonderful Xmas time! :)

So, I decided to give you already now some ideas for Chrimas tree, if you do not want to go this year with the 'ordinary', but rather have something unique and one-of-a-kind in your home!

You can go from the traditional to the very edge of absurd and eclectic, believe me, concerning Christmas trees we like everything! Use anything you find, just organize them in the shape of a pine tree and put some decoration to it. And the best part is, that even the decoration can be anything you want!

It is enough if you have only a metal wire at your hand. :)

I loooooooove these.... soooo cute! And definitely one-of-a-kind!

Or you can just draw a tree onto the wall and fix some ornaments to it with some pin. It is a super-cheap and unique way of having a tree!

P.S.: Don't forget - decorating the Xmas tree supposed to be a happy thing! Try not to stress about it and enjoy every moment of it! XX


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Xmas Lights

Twinkle twinkle little star...

Everything, everywhere looks so pretty and 'Xmas-y' :) The ligths, the streets, the houses, the windows, even the kisses :) XX

P.S.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjbRvm3svPc&feature=related


Images via: College Fashion; Etsy; Hipster Heaven; Petite Hermine; Places I Want To Live; Sadie Designs; The Soho; Vi.Sualize.Us; Pinterest;


It's time to send those Christmas cards, so they can arrive in time! Look at these ones. They are so amazing and romantic and unique cards. These old, vintage cards deliver something really special to those who receive them. Much nicer than the new, manga-kind or other cyber inpired modern ones. At least this is what I think. :)

And if you don't find such beautiful vintage cards, you can create yourself unique and one-of-a-kind cards to your loved ones. You'll need left a basic paper (natural) and a lot of small stuff that you never know what to do with. For example: buttons, straps, left-over fabric pieces, colorful papers, laces, bows, ...anything, whatever you can fix to a paper card. :) 

This is definitely my favorite. I would send something like this. But probably, would add a little cotton lace. :) 

P.S.: The best part is that you can create so cute decorations to your house from all the cards that you got! Never put them in the drawer! XX


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1st Sunday Candle

Since Christmas is coming... :) (I know it's a cliche, but it's true) ...I decided that I'll create some Xmas posts from now on. Here is the first one... 

This Sunday is the 1st day of the four Advent Sundays. I found these unusual ways of candle placement. I hope you'll be inspired too. And none of these will cost you a fortune, better yet you can do it yourself at home. :)

P.S.: You can't make mistakes, since these even work if you don't have matching glasses to hold the candles. X


Images via: Kjerstis Lykke; Wunderschoen Gemacht; Jul I Bestefars Verksted; La Maison d'Anna G; Emma's Blog; Johanna Vintage; Fru Fjeld Hammers Kaos; Urban Eve; Ylva Skarp