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Listen how New York sings...

Moon River - Breakfast at Tiffany's



Image via: Cinema Voyage

Music for the week

"Sometimes I wanna change everything I've ever done...

I'm too tired to fight and yet too scared to run."




Keane, K'NAAN - Stop for a minute


Image via: Google.es
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Music for the week


"Charlie Winston’s best music combines the blues, folky campfire strum of a busker with quirky theatrical twists. He’s liable to drop in human beat-boxing, gospel-style vocals or even perform the odd Stylophone solo."


I saw him first during the last Sziget Festival in Budapest. The concert was so great that all that energy even stopped the rain! :)


One of my favorite song - 'Boxes' from his first album - Hobo.



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Music for the week

Yesterday, I had the chance to experience what is it like when Balazs Havasi plays the piano... And even what is it like when he does it while Endi (from the rock band called Hooligans) hits the drums.


Incredible!!! :) Such a great fusion of classic music and rock beats! 

I share a small bit of it here with You:



Music for the week

I saw her once live in Milan... ...I can still feel her voice in my skin. It is so unique that you can never erase from your mind the sound of it.

There is only One and Only Malika Ayane. I took her with me forever (as a souvenir from Italy) :)




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Music for the week

One of the most beautiful voice ever - Anneke van Giersbergen...

no more words... Just listen!


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Music for the week

This is the time...


...all the world is waiting for you to shine...

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Music for the week


'It seems that happiness is within reach,

So we reach out our hand and find ourselves crazy...'



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Love Lives



Fantastic folk/jazz band from Canada - the latest project of Daniel Lanois a legendary guitarist and composer. Just fantastic!

Black Dub - Love Lives

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