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Xmas Lights

Twinkle twinkle little star...

Everything, everywhere looks so pretty and 'Xmas-y' :) The ligths, the streets, the houses, the windows, even the kisses :) XX

P.S.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjbRvm3svPc&feature=related


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It's time to send those Christmas cards, so they can arrive in time! Look at these ones. They are so amazing and romantic and unique cards. These old, vintage cards deliver something really special to those who receive them. Much nicer than the new, manga-kind or other cyber inpired modern ones. At least this is what I think. :)

And if you don't find such beautiful vintage cards, you can create yourself unique and one-of-a-kind cards to your loved ones. You'll need left a basic paper (natural) and a lot of small stuff that you never know what to do with. For example: buttons, straps, left-over fabric pieces, colorful papers, laces, bows, ...anything, whatever you can fix to a paper card. :) 

This is definitely my favorite. I would send something like this. But probably, would add a little cotton lace. :) 

P.S.: The best part is that you can create so cute decorations to your house from all the cards that you got! Never put them in the drawer! XX


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Is this for me?

...probaly not... :) ...but somebody has his birthday today... I guess then it's for him. X

mmm... and there's chocolate too. yummyy...

...and something else...



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Beautiful porcelain cups, plates, jugs with colorful flowers, polka dots, lace decorations arrived to our shop. They are really AMAZING! There are some textile placemats and tablecloths as well to match with your plate and cup of coffee. :)  Come and pick one for yourself! 

And since Christmas is approaching us, and it is already freezing outside, I give you these photos to make you warm and feel happy for the beautiful winter. There are the warm coffees, hot wines, gingerbread cookies, warm blankets, fireplaces and many other things that we can have only winter! :) 

P.S.: Use the alarm clock only for decoration and go back to sleep! X


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Heavenly lace

I know, I know... again with the lace... Sorry, I can't help it! I love it! Everything that is lace, from lace, with lace, looks like lace, feels like lace... If you look at these pictures, I'm sure that you can't pass them without a heartbeat! ;) After all we are all woman, no?! 

Anyway, I hope you like them as much as I like them!

P.S.: Try not to think of only wanting to get married immediately! XX


Images via: Anca Gray; Junk Culture; Intimate Weddings; Pinterest; Shabby Chic; Anthropologie; Dear Daisy Cottage; Dos Family; Plus Hold; Etsy; Martha Stewart; Style Me Pretty; Umla; We Heart It

The blind beauty...

'The blind beauty, the lonely fragrance, the twisted art, the seduction without shame, that we adore and call a flower."

/Donald Culross Peattie/


Image via: Floret Flowers
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I am obsessed with these beauties right now... so, I've already put all of them onto my wish list.... the problem is, I'm affraid they will stay there and not in my closet. 

...well, you'll never know... :)


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Tags: fashion; love; words

I'm so crazy for these colors now, ...would love to paint everything like it. They are so soft, pastel, feminine, relaxing and comforting. I just love them! Hope you find them inspiring too!


P.S. If they are too pastel for you, choose one or two of them and mix with some darker or bolder colors, such as yellow, chocolate or anthracite! It will worth to try! X


Images via: Ariad Neat Home; Simply Pix;

Circus with KlassDSign

This week - together with KlassDSign - we can be children again and travel back time to remember all the beauty of the circus.

Circus - when I was a little, every time a circus arrived to our small town, I was dying to go and see all the attractions. Many times I was a bit disappointed though... maybe because I was waiting for more or I was just sad that it lasted only for a day, I don't know...

Yet, the truth is that even now I am fascinated by the circus. Everything around it, espesially the animals, the artiste, the magic and all its glory. And it is great - and not at all difficult - to decorate the circus theme in your home or your outfit. Use a lot of stripes, stars, balloons, pom-poms, draperies, a lot of red, yellow and blue colors. It is fun and definitely not only for children! :)

P.S.: A movie recommendation: Water for Elephants with Mr. Pattinson :) X


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