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We created a new window for our super-cute studio... of course with ruffles, flowers, pillows, turquoise tutu, and a lot of loooooooooove!

Plus! Check out our newest fabric book from Sanderson. This is the 'Classic Collection'. Hope you like them! X

P.S.: Stay tunned for more fabrics and some great wallpapers soon to be available in our online store


'Your immortal smile is burned in me
When I close my eyes its all see
Among the canyons and the stars
You're the guide inside my heart
I'm just waiting for my chance to come...'


Noah And The Whale... our new love... :) If you start listening it is really hard to stop. My favorite song is: Waiting for my chance to come from the album called Last Night On Earth.

Enjoy! X 


Tags: love; listen

Although it is not yet finished, I couldn't wait... I have to show this gorgeous, beautiful, unbelievable apartment. The home of the fashion designer Jekatyerina, born in the coldest Syberia, from a Russian mother and a Hungarian father.

She sees, she dreams, she creates, and never give up, never settle for less, (almost) never accept any compromise. :) Her home was designed and made slowly by slowly, step by step with passion, love and admiration. I hope she never give up on finishing this dream... so it can come true! 

The kitchen

The 'small' things

*Russian silverware; red KitchenAid turmix; white Gorenje stove; 'I Love NY' fridge magnet; Cherry Blossom, Chinese thermos

The bathroom... or more like a cynderella story :)

*the white head decoration was brought from Dubai... and yes, it broke during the journey back home. But who cares... it is even better like this! :)

The black bedroom 

*on the left: Diesel lamp for Foscarini

The terrace that has the same size as the whole apartment

*with a beautiful view over Budapest

Wallpaper that is waiting to be put to it's final place

P.S.: To be continued... X


...more than you would think. :) This time it is Friday, when we do our weekly post 'Together with KlassDSign'. And it is all about 'Paper'!

In today's digital world, we think that we do not use paper at all anymore. But it is (unfortunately) suprizing how much paper is being used or wasted in a day. Think of the napkins, the toilet paper, the receipts, the packaging of ...basically everything, the advertising brochures, the newspapers, our notes... And these are only papers we use and then throw away.

What about our environment? Our homes? Thinking of wallpapers, lamps, shelves, tables or any kind of decorations. Paper is a cheap and great material for any of these. You can be extremely creative and innovative. There are so much possibility in paper usage.

The latest great product that I love is by the super-talented, Dutch (what else :) ?) design group - Vij5 Design. (in the picture above - lower left) The found the way of compressing newspapers and cut in a way it creates a very hard and strong material... almost like wood. Fantastic! :)

We know him, we love him... it is never get old... his designs will live forever! Tord Boontije <3 X

P.S.: Look around and do something with all that paper you find! Be creative and have fun! XX


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Crystal Shine

Is it the sunshine? Or is this the crystal that is so clear and yet, so mystical? According to Feng Shui, crystal brings you money and multiply all positive energy in a room. Mr. Swarovski made a billion-furtune out of it... and if it comes in the pure from of diamond... there are no woman who would say: thanks, but no thanks. :)

Sometimes it is too shiny, sometimes it is too cold or sharpe and rigid... still we love the crystal. Especially how the light brakes through it to million pieces. Take a look in how many forms crystal is around us and we don't even realize it. ...or is its shine that makes us blind to see?

P.S.: Try to hand a crystal in your home to see it is really brings you all that it supposed to bring. Can't hurt, no? :) X


Images via: Bona Drag; Christine Bauer; Encore un Minute; House of Turquise; Lovely Clusters; Masion Marigold; Now Emma; Poppy Talk; A Bloggable Life; The Cherry Blossom Girl; Yellow Trace; We Heart It; Flickr

Balloon Love

We love balloons so much we want to take them with us to our home as well! And who tells we can't do it?! :) Le(d)t's Zeppelin away!

...if you want to enjoy the balloon as it it, don't care about anything or anybody... just buy a couple of them for yourself! It is not only for children! :)

P.S.: Buy as many colors as possible! X


Images via: Create & Barrel; Holly Hunt; Kare Design; Spoon Tamago; Svpply; Tobi Fairley; Trendir; Funk Z Bear Decor; Pickles;  Pillar Box Post; Steph Modo; Elizabeth Ann Design; Ffffound; Kirtsy; Sitting in a Tree Events; Heartbeat of This Love; We Heart It;  In the Loop Today;  

Get packed and let's leave the hot summer city this weekend. With these amazing vintage suitcases, not only your weekend will be relaxed, but you can travel back in time as well... :)

And if you are not so lucky to have a weekend getaway, you can still sit on, marry, store, pack...

P.S.: If you don't want to use it for anything, it is a great decoration anywhere you put! Just please don't throw them out! X


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Monday Faves

This Monday I'm in love with these... especially with the drawer buttons. :)


Images via: Monsoon; Topshop; Anthropologie; Urban Outfitters

Black & White Picknic


'Give me your eyes for just one second

give me your eyes so I can see

Everything that I keep missing

give me your love for humanity...'


Images by Cs. Polgar and Zs. Sverteczki

This week my post together with KlassDSign is very much 'interior-based'. I didn't add anything from fashion or other areas. I focus only on the beauty and mystic of the attics. They are so magical to me, it's like I am in a home of a fairy or an angel...

This is my all-time-top-favorite attic in the world :)

...and the beautiful wonders of Mr Wanders... (Lute Suites in Amsterdam) ...my personal favorite is Suite #5 (the 1st picture) :)

The attics can be industrial or feminine and romantic, or in most cases practical and space-saving. Since in an attic the height of the room is less then normally and because of the diagonal lines (logs, ceiling) the whole space has a special look and atmosphere.

Even if we think that in the attic the only possible room can be is bedroom. It is possible to build rooms for functions like bathroom, office, living room... but I think the best is if you make in your attic the world of your children. They would enjoy it the most! :) Until then, just keep it to yourself!

I envy all those guys in Scandinavia for all the space and summer-light they have. In one of these rooms would fit my whole apartment. :)

P.S.: I would die for any of these to be honest! :)


Images via: Lute Suite by Marcel Wanders; Kevin Trout; Daily Dream Decor; From Scandinavia with Love; Daisy Pink Cupcake; Nestify Online; Simply Grove; Pinterest; Google;