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New York colors

These are the colors...



Listen how New York sings...

Moon River - Breakfast at Tiffany's



Image via: Cinema Voyage

New York words

I dedicate this week to New York City and to all that it's given to me last week...


New York, New York

Well, another dream is coming true... I'm off to New York. Will be back in a week! :) In the meantime, take care and Dream Big! :)

See you in a 'Hopp, skipp and a Week' :)


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Bird with KlassDSign

Another week past. So quickly. :) And since today is Thursday, it's time for our special post together with KlassDSign.

This time our theme is 'Bird'. Another theme for the feminine mind. :) One of our favorite. (Our studio is filled with birds and with 'birdie' objects actually.)

We tried to catch all the beauty there is in a bird or it's dreamy feather. And again, found birds on everything... these beautiful animals are everywhere broadcasting the message of freedom. At least this is what I get from them (apart from their beautiful feather coat) :)

If I could fly like a bird...  


Images via: Feathers Of Inspiration; Lovely Clusters; Apart Design; Bird Tattoos; Bodie and Fou; Estetisk; Etsy; Flickr; Pinterest; Lace and Tea; My Pemberely; Omg I'm Getting Married; PipStudio; Put a Bird on It; Wedding The Knot; We Heart It;


Polka Dots

Polka dots have something so mystical, when I see something with this lovely pattern, immediately I think of a fairytale. Or fairies even...

Did you know that the name 'polka dots' originates from 1870's when both the dance polka and the dots were highly in fashion? All the girls who had danced polka at the social events have been wearing doted dresses. Soon, the pattern of these dresses were named: polka dots. :)

Such a cute story, right?

Images via: Flickr; Dust Jacket Attic; Ellf; Inside The Loop; Jonathan WoodYou Are My Fave; Lolitas; Cakies; Pinterest; Seychelles Footwear;

I had a dream...

...that one day, I am working for myself... and that I work as a designer. Last week together with my collegue (and of course in the great company of many friends and professionals) we opened our design studio - BoglarkaVera.

I can't describe my feelings right now... :) I am so happy that it hurts, and it gets me worried, because of the fear of loosing it one day. But I try not to think like that, just enjoying every second of it! :)

We've been asked by some journalist that where did we get the strenght and the courage to open a studio, especially now, when nothing is easy. And our answer couldn't be more simple. Because we...

So, we encourage you as well, don't be affraid to dream big! If you dare to dream big, you have the chance to get big!

And to close this post (that is so special for me, since I was waiting my studio opening for so long), I give you our motto:

'Imagine a new story for your life, and start living it'


Images via: Flickr; Etsy; I Heart Stolen Images; Pinterest; Summer Goals; Sunday in Bed; Tiny White Daisies

I am so happy that we have another guest post here in Pink Flower Love. This post was created by Susi, from the respected interior design site - Design Shuffle, that is a social networking site for interior designers, architects, design professionals and enthusiasts who just love interior design. Susi was so kind to create for us a beautiful and very interesting post. 

"Sadly, it is the end of peony season; those gorgeous, heady blooms that burst from their green stems this time of year. Feeling nostalgic already we were inspired to write our Dress + Decor guest post as a tribute to this glorious flower. Ranging from pure white with hints of pink to deep magenta, the peony is feminine and glamorous like a beautiful couture dress or a well-executed interior design idea.


The feathers on the bride's dress are gorgeous! Designed by Windy Chandra, the layered skirt makes us think of all those beautiful petals.


Palest blush color in an Edwardian inspired dress is lovely. Adore the high collar.


Peonies are the most sensual flowers. We adore them and know many of you do too. We wish they lasted longer in the garden.


Pantone named Silver Peony one of the top ten colors for Spring 2011 fashion. It's a delicate pinkish silver color that would look lovely on walls as well as waists.


Peony watercolor by Alphonse Mucha would make an incredible wallpaper or fabric. We'd love it behind the headboard in a bedroom or a powder room with a delicate pink ceiling. Peonies inspire many decorating ideas.


Love the dramatic dark background against the pale and deep pink peonies in this wallpaper. Inspired by the Chinese interpretation of the peony, which means riches and honor in Chinese art.


Capturing the range of pale pinks and whites found in our favorite peonies, this bedroom is both feminine and delicate.


Spots of deep peony pink against pale green or cream makes us as happy as the Festivus Maximus peony.

We hope you enjoyed these images. We'll be picking the last of our peonies from the garden and wishing they'd last a little longer. And thinking about where we can hang a peony patterned wallpaper or add a touch of peony print fabric. This post comes courtesy of Design Shuffle, where you can find top tier interior designs from around the world – from Chicago Interior DesignersSan Francisco Interior Designers, and more, check out the latest at Design Shuffle."


Images via: Green Wedding Shoes; Pink Peonies Bridal; Innove Events; Fashion Mate; Laura Casey Interiors; Four Walls and a Roof; Interiorly; Eva Designs;  

Body Art

I keep hearing that the tattoos are not nice, especially a girl should never have one! Well, please tell me if these are not beautiful! 

P.S.: one of the tattoos is mine :) Guess which one?


Images via: Happiness must come from within;  Fuck Yeah Tattoos;  Threadless; We.Sualize.Us; We Heart It; Pinterest;   

My heart yearns for...

...going to the lakes. 


Images via: Flickr; Img Fave; Tumblr; Starbucks and Jane Austen; Vanessa Christenson; We Heart It; Pinterest;