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Winter snow

I remember all those beautiful white days and night I was lucky enough to experience when I lived in Finland. It is just incomparable! Although I love the one week each year ski-resort snow, it is never the same as it was in Helsinki. 

My first Christmas there, there was 60cm fresh snow on Xmas Eve. We walked to our friends' home with a slade, but it was not easy in all that deep snow. Sure, I'll never forget!

Unfortunately, here in Budapest you just wait for the snow... for long and long, and it might be never come. ...But sometimes...., when you least expect it.... you wake up one morning, look out the window... and everything is covered with sugarwhite snow. :) So beautiful... :) ...can't wait! 

And until that morning, we still have these magical photos to dream about.

I really wanna get married!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or at least wear this dress! In the snow! :)

P.S.: Definitely the best 'snow-experience' is kissing in the snow, right after you made a pair of Snow-Angels in the snow. XX


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Stylewalker Night

There'll be Stylewalker Night on Friday, 16 December 2011, and we are preparing a program together with the cute pub CsendesTárs:


Hot wine to the mugs, and mug for hot wine - Buy a cup of hot wine at CsendesTárs and you can get the price back if you buy a beautiful mug at BoglarkaVera... Or... To each mug that you buy at BoglarkaVera, will get one cup of hot wine for free! 


Hohohohoooooo, it is really starting to feel like Xmas! :)




A pénteki (2011.Dec.16-i) Stylewalker Night-ra közös programmal készülünk a Csendes Társ-sal: 

Bögrébe forralt bort, forralt borért bögrét - Forralt borozz a Csendes Társban, és cserébe vásárolj olcsóbban bögrét a BoglarkaVera Design Studioban vagy vásárolj bögrét nálunk és töltesd tele forralt borral a Csendes Társban. 

Jupppppiiiiiiii! ...ez már tényleg karácsonyi hangulat! :)

És ne felejtsétek el, hogy éjfélig nyitva vagyunk a Stylewalker Night ideje alatt (pénteken)!



P.S.: And don't forget! We are open until midnight during Stylewalker Night (Friday)!!!


Image via: Blushing Apples

Xmas Decor

If for some reason - you didn't have time to decorate the house Christmas-y, now it is definitely the time to do it! We give you some wonderful ideas how. With some pine branches and pineal, a ribbon + your creativity :)

Don't forget to dress up your bed with Xmas linens and pillows... you'll dream about 'frosty the snowman' and 'silent night' for sure :)

Use pink, pink and bit more of PINK!!!! ...oh, don't forget pink!

And finally my absolute favorites are the stockings... It is so great to wake up in the morning and curiously check out what is inside of our. ...you never know. :)

P.S.: To be honest I am not done with the decoration yet, but after all this, for sure I will do it tonight! X


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Mist(y)erious Fogg

Although today was sunny, we had some serious foggy days behind us. But who says the fogg cannot be beautiful? Take a look at these and you'll think differently, I'm certain! 

So, next time when you are complaining about the fogg, just try to see the beauty in it! It is always there! Give yourself a minute to observe and let it all in, and somewhere in the deep foggy air, you'll realize some pink flowers... or love :)

P.S.: Even guys look better in the fogg!! :) 


Images via: Bohemian Worthness; Chantic Leer Garden; Gryffindors; Nez Art Design; Our Blog of Love; Photo Donuts; Pinterest; We Heart It; Wild Flowers Photos


Striking Light

...soooo.... magical.... :)


Images via: Dezeen; Drop Anchors; Soul Pancakes; The Cool Hunter; Tyler Branch Photo; The Red House; Flickr;  

Crystal Shine

Is it the sunshine? Or is this the crystal that is so clear and yet, so mystical? According to Feng Shui, crystal brings you money and multiply all positive energy in a room. Mr. Swarovski made a billion-furtune out of it... and if it comes in the pure from of diamond... there are no woman who would say: thanks, but no thanks. :)

Sometimes it is too shiny, sometimes it is too cold or sharpe and rigid... still we love the crystal. Especially how the light brakes through it to million pieces. Take a look in how many forms crystal is around us and we don't even realize it. ...or is its shine that makes us blind to see?

P.S.: Try to hand a crystal in your home to see it is really brings you all that it supposed to bring. Can't hurt, no? :) X


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Black & White Picknic


'Give me your eyes for just one second

give me your eyes so I can see

Everything that I keep missing

give me your love for humanity...'


Images by Cs. Polgar and Zs. Sverteczki

Summer Colors

What are the colors of summer? Sometimes it's yellow, blue, red, pink, orange, green... all kinds of green, white, baby pink, coral, sand, and so on. I think there are thousands of colors you can see during summer.

And they are beautiful! Take a look around and try to see the colors of summer! You will be amazed! ...when you wake up and look out the window, when you walk to your work or having lunch in the nearest park, moreover when you are on holiday, at the beach, watching the sun disappearing at the horizon. ...or just anytime you feel like it... look around and try to see the colors of summer! 

P.S. And don't forget to take some photos as well! :)


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As summer is peaking nowadays, it is natural that everybody dreams about sunbathing at the beach, taking a nice walk in the powder sand during sunset... 

...well almost everybody... :) My dream is a bit different. I wish I could take the sandy beach to my home. Would looooooove to walk barefoot all day long in the cold sand in my living room. :)

P.S.: Next time you have sand under your feet... don't forget to write some beautiful words in it! 


Images via: Design Squish; Chromasia; Martha Stewart; The Entertaining House; English Wedding; Kate Landers Events; Poppie and Sunshine; We Heart It; Tumblr; Pinterest; Google.nl

Today's Favorites

After my last week 'New York fever' passed, (very slowly) :) ...here are some of my favorites of today.


Images via: Erin Ever After; Flickr; In The Night Sky; The Sylish House; We Heart It