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Provence with KlassDSign

The coast of Provence has some the earliest known sites of human habitation in Europe. Primitive stone tools dated to 1 to 1.05 million years BC were found in this beautiful area. Of course this is not the reason we've chosen 'Provence' as our weekly 'Together with KlassDSign' post.

It is a place of so many beauties... There are the mountains, the wide rivers, the amazing Calanques (the series of narrow inlets in the coastline), those purple, lavender fields, the Festival of Cannes, the smells and colors of Nice, the luxury of Monaco, the fantastic wine and cheese and most importantly the unmistakable Provencian style. That is everywhere - in the houses inside and outside, in the decoration of a table, on the streets, at a picnic and so on.

Provence is definitely the place where you cannot be anything, but happy and relaxed. Maybe the lavender is responsible for this, or the strong red wines, or the scent of provencian herbs... who knows.

But for sure a place everybody has to visit at least once in a lifetime!


P.S: Bon Voyage! :) XX


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