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Spring Pastels

Every spring I am so exited to see the fresh, new colors that outbursting us all over. Especially after the cold, dark and colorvise super-boring winter. This time, I am so hungry to see colors around me - strong, bold colors; or soft, pastel tones... doesn't matter as long as there are colors and not only black, grey and brown. 

In the spring of 2012 my hunger is fulfilled with colors, that's for sure. :) Beautiful pastels - pinks, corals, mints, Tangerine Reds,... even neons are everywhere. And usually I obt for strong colors, somehow I am more fascinated by the soft pastel tones right now. I collected my (current) favorites here. Hope you like them!

P.S.: Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying no to strong, neon colors! On the contrary! ...Just wait, and see... :) XX


Images via: Avotakka; Decor8; 79 Ideas; All Things Girly and Beautiful; Heartbeat Oz; Norske Interior; By Fryd Design; HomeLife; Favim; La Maison d'Anna G; Twigs & Honey
Tags: home decor