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Umbrella with KlassDSign

As the 2nd chapter in our project together with KlassDSign, this week's common theme is Umbrella. 

It is such a beautiful object that comes handy these days (at least in Budapest). We carry them with us, we leave them at home (when we would need the most), but who would've thought that we could decorate our home with them? Or that a beautifully shaped umbrella makes a special hat?

Personally, I loooooove the umbrellas! The crazier the better! You can find some unbelievable ones in the Nordic countries (sometimes they have rain, you know) :) In Amsterdam for example I've bought a cute pink-black micro dotted umbrella with ruffles all around! :)

...maybe I should do a chandelier from it!?

P.S.: Don't hate the umbrella when it's raining and you have to carry it! Think of it as a great accessory (that you don't have every day) to add to your outfit! :)


Images via: BHouse; Design House Stockholm; Erin Pot Pie; Gypsy Purple Home; Home Interior Design Themes; Books, Zombies and Piadina; Umbrella To Go; Vintage Rose Garden; We Heart It