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Vintage Blue for Free People

It is now getting to be usual that everybody is crazy for vintage. ...anything vintage, really. :) But what I realized a couple of months ago that vintage goes way beyond to the trends then just putting an old furniture from the flea market to our homes, or to buy some vintage clothes from the sixties. 

There are obvious facts that in 2012/13 we look back in the time of our parents, grandparents for inspiration. We tend to love, use, wear the colors or those times. Even all the big design brands' latest collections show the beautiful vintage blue.

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to visit Maison & Objet in Paris, where I took some pictures, so you see as well that 'vintage blue' is everywhere. 

It is such a beautiful color. Personally, I love it! As the color of a car, a color to wear or just to look at on our wall. Hope you like it too, or at least get some hint of it for later! :)

P.S.: Although no color can be as vintage as blue, look for other true vintage blues around you. Let me know what you find and who knows... there could come a new post out of it! :) XX


Images via: Free People; Champagne and Pearls; Cupcakes and Sprinkles; Fashionistax; Bluebird Vintage; Love it Pink; Marie Olsson Nylander; 79 Ideas; Pinterest; Etsy; We Heart It