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What can I say, my obsession with wallpapers in still going strong. In fact, I keep finding more and more beautiful wallpapers and other wall decoration ideas. When I would think, 'well, this is probably the best wallpaper I've ever seen', for sure the next day, comes across another, even more outstanding, wall covering idea. 

And the coolest thing is to choose an outfit that goes with or blends in the wall covering paper. :)


P.S.: If you got inspired and want to get some of these beauties, you can definitely should check out the selection here. :)


Images via: Depis Do Squinze; For Her and For Him; Decor 8; Design Sponge; Dust Jacket Attic; Eistens Designs; Rosemary Milner; Sparkle and Glitter; Nylon Mag; Trendland; Anthropologie; Favim