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Xmas Wrapping

Every year it is the same: 10 minutes before exchanging gifts, I am running around in the house, trying to fix all the Xmas presents' wrapping, along with some serious panic attack. I never have enough wrapping paper, or ribbon, or I just simply hate the final result. ...but since there is no time to change it, or get nicer paper... it stays as it is. :(

But not this year! I was clever enough to search and get some inspirations, so I am able to create a 'one-and-only' gift wrapping to everybody.

I'm not quite decided how I'll do them, but for sure it will be PINK, I will add some FLOWERS... and of course filled with A LOOOOOOOT OF LOVE! :)

Ahhhh, and I'll add lace as well! ...and pom-poms!!! Definitely! :)

The one with the newspaper, the paper-lace and the wooden pin is my favorite! Just Perfect! 

P.S: Believe me, it is better not to leave the gift wrapping for the very last minute! Try to really give youself into it! :)


Images via: Allt i Hemmet; Carolyn's Homework; MayaLee Photography; Decor8; Luxe Finds; Nicole Heady; Oh Hello Friend; Older And Wisor; The Crafting Chicks; Whimsy Decor; Pinterest; Flickr; We Heart It